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  • Pedestrian-Friendly Diagonal Crossings at 25 Locations in Seoul

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    Together with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will install diagonal crossings at twenty-five locations to provide a safer and more convenient walking environment for pedestrians.

    In front of the Korean Christian Ecumenical Building in Jongno-gu

    A diagonal crossing is a type of pedestrian-friendly traffic signal movement that temporarily stops all vehicular traffic for pedestrians to cross an intersection in every direction. This increases the satisfaction levels of pedestrians by saving time at crossings and can prevent traffic accidents as the crossings will stop all vehicular traffic.

    Before 2020, about three to four diagonal crossings were installed annually, but more than twenty-five crosswalks will be installed starting this year, which is six times more compared to the previous years, to improve the walking environment of citizens and improve the convenience of walking in Seoul.

    The SMG selected proposed sites and prepared designs for the 2021 project to install and continually increase the number of diagonal crossings. The project will prioritize the safety and convenience of pedestrians in areas (school zones) with many people who are vulnerable to walking, such as children and the elderly/weak, and executed through deliberation with concerned organizations.