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  • PC Shutdown to Discourage Long-Hours Working Culture

  • SMG 218

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    PC shutdown program every Friday to discourage employees to work overtime at night while promoting office culture with work and life balance


    • –The average overtime work hours of the Seoul city government in 2017 is 1.8 times longer compared to the central government departments.
    • –Although Seoul pushed for lights out at the city government buildings on the day of families, there have been a lot of applications for exemption from the forced light-out.
    • –As of January 2018, the rate of the exemption cases reaches 67.1%.
    • –Enhancing sound organization culture by promoting the balance between work and life
    • –Emart (January 2018) and Human Resources Development Service of Korea (March 2017) implemented PC shutdown policy to address the culture of working overtime.
    • *At Emart, the rate of working overtime sharply decreased from 32% to 0.3%.


    • –Power shutdown (including PC) after 7pm every Friday with no exception
      Phase1st phase (March)2nd phase (April)3rd phase (May-)
      DateMarch 30Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the monthEvery Friday
      SubjectNew Seoul City Hall and Seoul City Hall Seosomun BuildingNew Seoul City Hall and Seoul City Hall Seosomun BuildingCity-affiliated organizations housed at private buildings
    • –No acceptance of departments’ request for exemption from the forced light-out and PC power shutdown. (All departments) If the entire offices are expected to work overtime due to preparation for National Assembly’s audit, questions on municipal administration and etc., a prior notice will be made and the power shutdown will not be implemented.
    • (Department-wise) Only in case of need such as running a disaster-related response team, the request for cooperation shall be made to organization management division.
    • * 24/7 working departments (shift-work based) including 119 General Situation Room and Seoul Safety Control Center are exempted from the power shutdown.
    • –Submission and acceptance of the request for approval on overtime work are not allowed (but, allowed only for overtime work hours before 19:00).

    After a trial period in in March and April, the full implementation begins from May.