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  • Participate in the Response to Climate Change Campaign This Summer by Wearing Cool Clothes

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    Green Seoul Citizens Council
Guidelines on Actions to Tackle Climate for the Earth
Wear cool clothes to save energy in summer
Cut the “sensible temperature” by 2℃ by untying your tie and removing your jacket.
Action Guidelines
Untie your tie and take off your jacket.
Wear wide pants or a wide skirt.
Wear a collarless top and pants that are comfortable around the waist
Wear simple clothes, such as shorts
Wear a cool hairstyle, like a ponytail
Seoul Metropolitan Government & Green Seoul Citizens Council
SMG Environmental Policy Division

    Having announced the “Zero Emission of Carbon by 2050,” the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) opens the campaign to respond to climate change. Through the campaign, people will be able to healthily fight the heat waves while also saving energy. As part of the campaign, the SMG will hold the “Habits for Responding to Climate Change Fashion Show: Cool Clothes” on the central stairs of the Sejong Center at 11 a.m. on July 3 (Fri.).

    The fashion show has been prepared to be the venue to raise awareness surrounding habits for responding to climate change, including wearing cool and simple clothes, such as not wearing a tie and wearing shorts, and using a tumbler, handkerchiefs, cotton masks, and upcycled products.

    The SMG and the Green Seoul Citizens Council have selected 20 citizen models who will participate in the fashion show. The fashion show will be held with 40 plus participants, including senior models and fashion students, who walk down the catwalk along the central stairs of Sejong Center without an audience. The video of the fashion show will be released through the YouTube channel of the SMG.

    The SMG also conducts the campaign for “Habits for Responding to Climate Change” to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases with the heat wave around the corner, anticipating a surge in the use of energy. The city will lead the campaign in 35 categories, including saving energy, refraining from using plastic & disposable items, restraining from using fossil fuels, and reducing wastes, to encourage citizen participation.

    According to the city’s explanation, one can reduce the use of fossil fuels and save KRW 330,000 each year by using public transportation instead of personal automobiles once a week. The SMG also emphasized that our habits in our everyday lives are important for saving the earth, including maintaining a proper indoor temperature (26-28℃) during the summer, refusing disposable spoons and chopsticks when ordering delivery food, and reducing food waste.