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  • Participate in Global Programs at Seoul Friendship Festival 2021!

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    Starting in 1996 and celebrating the 24th anniversary this year, Seoul Friendship Festival 2021 will be held from Fri, Oct. 1 to Sun, Oct. 10. This year’s festival will be held online under the theme of “Enjoying international travel in Seoul at home” due to COVID-19.

    This year, with three topics of tourism, culture and food, more than 50 embassies in Korea and international cities cooperated to plan various programs for people to enjoy at home. In particular, this year, the festival strengthens its identity as a global event with programs where anyone can freely participate, including the online opening ceremony, Global Home Cooked Meals Delivery, and K-pop Talk Concert.

    The online ceremony, which marks the beginning of Seoul Friendship Festival 2021, will feature videos of global traditional culture performances and messages of support in which people around the world send comforting words to those battling COVID-19. You can attend this event online (after registering starting September 1), where you can watch and participate via live chat on YouTube.

    For Global Home Cooked Meals Delivery, a major program of Seoul Friendship Festival 2021, people will make traditional cuisine at home and share how to serve the delicious dishes. Anyone who can make a 5-minute vlog video can participate in this program. Videos are received from Wed, Sep. 1 to Sun, Oct. 10 via the festival’s official email (2021sff@gmail.com), and the registered videos will be open to the public on the festival website.

    K-pop Talk Concert, held online on the last day of Seoul Friendship Festival 2021 on Sun, Oct. 10, will serve as a venue to discuss K-pop, which is attracting international attention. In this event, K-pop fans can talk about K-pop and their favorite singers. If you want to participate, you must register in advance on the official festival website starting Wed, Sep. 1, and sign a release form. In addition, those who participate and share their opinions via live chat on YouTube will be entered into a sweepstakes giveaway on the event day.

    The three programs are open to everyone’s participation. Those who take part in the programs via webcam or actively share their opinions via live chat will be given Discover Seoul Pass (K-pop Talk Concert) and a poster of BTS (honorary ambassador of Seoul) by STO (Seoul Tourism Organization).

    For more information on Seoul Friendship Festival 2021, please visit the official website (https://www.seoulfriendship.org/).

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