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  • Parks of Seoul renews its Website

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    Renewed foreign-language Website

    Parks of Seoul renewed its Website (http://parks.seoul.go.kr) aiming to make it faster and more convenient for visitors to navigate and find information about its facilities.

    The renewal will strengthen its user-friendly search functions, consolidate its inconvenient sections and provide a “one-stop” service through which users can conveniently find diverse information on the parks and easily make reservations to use their facilities with just a few clicks.

    Foreign language support is also being expanded. The Website provides information, translated into foreign languages, including English, on four more parks that include Dream Forest, Jungnang Camp Ground, and Seoseoul Lake Parke. Previously, such language support had been available for only six parks — Gildong Ecological Park, Independence Park, Namsan Park, Seoul Forest, Worldcup Park, and Yeouido Park.