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  • Park Won Soon, Seoul Mayor Guided 13 Tourists from Sichuan Province, China to the Mayor’s Office

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    In 2014, the number of Chinese tourists to Korea reached 6.1 million. As a high growth rate of 41% compared to last year was recorded, the Seoul Metropolitan Government held a special event for Chinese tourists.

    Thirteen tourists from Sichuan Province, China, were given an opportunity to tour Seoul City Hall and the mayor’s office.

    This invitational was based on a promise Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon had made to a young CEO of a travel agency, whom he had met during his official visit to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, to promote tourism in Seoul, in November last year. Back then, he promised to guide the first group tourists of the related travel agency to the mayor’s office himself.

    The schedule of the Seoul City Hall tour was divided into two sessions. First, the invited tourists participated in the ‘Seoul City Hall Tong Tong Tour’ and visited the new city hall building, Seoul Citizens’ Hall, and Seoul Metropolitan Library before looking around the mayor’s office, with Seoul Mayor Park, and conducting conversations on the Seoul tour.

    Seoul Mayor Park said, “China makes up the highest proportion of tourists visiting Seoul, making Seoul the center of Korea’s tourism industry. Thus, I expect the visit of tourists from Sichuan Province to the mayor’s office to serve as an opportunity to give Chinese tourists a more friendly and positive perception of Seoul.”