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  • Park Won-Soon, Mayor of Seoul and 48 University Presidents Launch ‘Youth Problem Solving’ Association

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    Park Won-Soon, Mayor of Seoul and 48 university presidents will launch a ‘Campus Town Policy Council’ in order to jointly deal with youth problems such as youth unemployment and housing insecurity and to revitalize stagnated college areas.

    ‘The Campus Town Policy Council’ is a dedicated government group that will be the key driving force of the “Youth Special City, Creative Economy Campus Neighborhoods” project announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The council will be a leading decision-making body that discusses and consults about the major issues of Campus Town.

    The council consists of 49 members made up of the Seoul Mayor and 48 university presidents, who want to participate out of 52 universities in Seoul. The council will have a regular meeting twice a year (the first half and the second half) beginning next year, with the first meeting being held on November 30th, 2016. Through the partnership between universities and the public, it will maintain an organic cooperative relationship. In addition, it will seek ways to promote cooperation in various areas such as universities, youths and local communities by exchanging opinions actively.

    The second meeting will be held in March 2017, during which the council will look for solutions in order to address issues of each university, and discuss various measures including incentives to encourage universities to participate in the community.