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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Nanum car (car sharing)? Will it work?
    [Park Won Soon’s Diary of Hope No. 99]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1733

    The word nanum (sharing) was unheard of among many people in this country when I established the Beautiful Foundation in 2000. Over the past decade, however, it has become a universal expression in our society. Many businesses talk about social contribution. Many TV actors and actresses and celebs serve as PR ambassadors of charity organizations.


    apparently, however, people are not so generous when it comes to sharing their private car with others. some families own a second or even a third car. seoul city started the nanum car (car sharing) campaign, with the phrase “nanum car” coined by local residents in seoul. the nanum car service was started on february 20 in 292 parking lots in seoul.^^


    anyone older than 21 years and with more than one year experience in driving a car can join the campaign. how? it’s simple. visit the website of green car or socar, which is a nanum car service business, register as a member, make a reservation when you need a car through the internet, mobile, or ars, and simply show up. you can check in the website of the seoul transport operation & information service (topis.seoul.go.kr) and in real time information on the locations of parking lots where you can use the nanum car service and cars available.


    with the invigoration of the nanum car campaign, i expect people to be able to use cars more conveniently and feel that they need not own cars. such will reduce traffic congestion, difficulties in finding parking spaces, and air pollution. this will also allow more people to take part in the sharing efforts. seoul will be able to join the ranks of world-class cities thanks to such innovative mindset.

    image used by seoul city to promote its car-sharing campaign