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  • “Parenthesis Lights” Shining at Hangang Park

  • Urban Planning News SMG 13231

    At night, a two meter-height parenthesis shaped lights shine at both ends of the crosswalk on the Bicycle Path of Banpo IC, Hangang Park. When pedestrians cross the street at a crosswalk and suddenly a bike approaches, the light automatically turns on and makes an alarming sound to ensure the security of the pedestrians. The “Comma light,” shaped like a comma and installed 50 meters and 20 meters before a crosswalk, also flickers when pedestrians cross the street at a crosswalk and warns bikes to reduce their speed in advance.

    Through the public project, “Design Governance,” by which citizens discover social problems for themselves and solve the problem through design, the Seoul Metropolitan Government could obtain decent design results related to the five areas of welfare, economy, security, environment & sanitation as well as health. As many as eighty citizens and ten experts participated in it.

    The specific projects of the five areas are as follows:
    ① Welfare area: service design to solve the clothing problems of children with cerebral palsy
    ② Economy area: communication design to settle conflicts between neighbors
    ③ Security area: design to campaign for safe bike riding in Hangang Park at night
    ④ Environment & sanitation area: culture design to create an enjoyable and clean Hangang Park
    ⑤ Health area: service design to prevent second-hand smoking

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has always and will continuously collect citizens’ suggestions through its website, and this year it plans to select themes and conduct related projects on three occasions.