Global Economic Leaders Gather for Seoul International Business Advisory Council Annual Meeting


With innovative growth as the pivotal point of Seoul’s economic policy for the 7th popular elections, global economic leaders and CEOs of the world’s prominent enterprises, including Forbes, Siemens, and Audi, gather in Seoul to discuss the future direction and strategies of Seoul’s economy.

On November 9, this year’s 17th Seoul International Business Advisory Council (SIBAC) Annual Meeting unfolds in line with the theme of “Shaping Seoul’s Future through Innovative Growth.”

This annual meeting is scheduled to appoint erudite scholars and experts in the startup industry as new members with the intent of expanding upon the base of advisory and discussion.

The SIBAC was established in 2001 as the advisory body to the mayor of Seoul, with currently five consultants and 28 representatives of globally-renown enterprises of various fields, including McKinsey & Company, Nomura Holdings, Forbes, Siemens AG, Brookfield Asset Management, AUDI AG, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Toray Industries, Yozma Group, and more.

A total of 16 annual meetings were held since 2001, while the line of Seoul mayors received advice on 334 matters in the fields of economy, community, urban infrastructure, culture, environment, and entrepreneurship, and among those discussed, as much as 84%, or 282 items, were reflected within the municipal government.

The 17th Seoul International Business Advisory Council Annual Meeting is scheduled to convene under the following three sessions: Constructing a hub for promising industries of the future I, II (R&D, biomedical, urban manufacturing, and cultural content), and creating an innovative startup climate.

The first session invites five representatives to give a presentation on the topic of “Constructing a hub for promising industries of the future through R&D, biomedicine, urban manufacturing and cultural content.”

The second session then examines the strengths of Seoul and explores various cases from cities around the world.

Lastly, the third session, focusing on “Creating an innovative startup climate,” provides the opportunity for consultation on the matter of expanding the startup climate that is destined to evolve into the driving force of the innovation movement.

Hosting this year’s SIBAC Annual Meeting as the seventh mayor of Seoul to do so, Mayor Park Won-soon, remarked, “This will be an invaluable opportunity to hear from leaders of global enterprises on the vision and strategies for the future direction of our economy,” before going on to say, “Together we will create a city where worldwide innovationists gather, a city that challenges itself to pioneer unmarked territory, as well as a city that inspires job creation, productivity, and income through innovation.”

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

Hallyu K-Star, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho met the master handmade shoe craftsman at Seongsu-dong for the participation in the Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Relay Campaign.

U-Know Yunho will be the first star to participate in the ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign’ started by Seoul city in order to inform the public about the attraction of handmade shoes and Seongsu-dong as a whole. The second celebrity will be announced in September.

As part of the ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign,’ three pairs of handmade shoes will be made spotting the names of the celebrities. One of these pairs will be sold through a donation auction from the Seongsu Handmade Shoes website ( in December, and all of the funds collected will be used in the manufacture of special handmade shoes for people with developmental disorders. Another pair of shoes will be displayed at the Seongsu Handmade Shoes Hope Platform Promotion Hall from September, 2018 until next year.

Celebrities participating in the ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Relay’ like TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho will be collaborate with the handmade shoes craftsman in order to create shoes that are both good for the stars’ health and also comfortable. In particular, you can expect to see each star’s individual characteristics integrated into their shoes through the design process that they will directly participate in.

The ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Relay’ campaign started off by going all out with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s collaboration carries the valuable meaning of activating the regional society and the star’s voluntary social contribution activities.

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

TVXQ U-Know for Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign

Seoul Provides Partnered Platform for Foreign Startups and Korean Enterprises

Seoul Provides Partnered Platform for Foreign Startups and Korean Enterprises
Seoul Provides Partnered Platform for Foreign Startups and Korean Enterprises Seoul Provides Partnered Platform for Foreign Startups and Korean Enterprises
Seoul Provides Partnered Platform for Foreign Startups and Korean Enterprises Seoul Provides Partnered Platform for Foreign Startups and Korean Enterprises

On June 12, the 2018 Foreign Startups Business Fair is scheduled to be held on the 4th floor of the COEX in Samseong-dong and will offer information on products and services, as well as ideas from foreign startups that have been launched domestically within the fields of IT, manufacturing, trade and much more. The opportunity is also available for Korean SMEs in the midst of developing routes into the global market to establish partnerships with foreign startups through on-site consultation.

Every year the fair conducts a successful opening with at least 300 representatives from various enterprises partaking in the event, while as many as 15 businesses from different fields are expected to attend, providing services that range from education on drones, robotics manufacturing and other IT fields to Korean enterprise-focused consultation for those seeking advancement into the European market. A total of nine countries from around the world are scheduled to partake in the fair, including France, Netherlands and the U.S.

The 2018 Foreign Startups Business Fair will open its doors on June 12 from 12 pm to 4 pm. For information regarding foreign businesses that will attend, how to partake within the fair itself and other event details, please visit the center website ( or contact the center directly via phone at +82-2-6001–7240.

2018 Foreign Startups Business Fair Event Outline

  • Event: 2018 Foreign Startups Business Fair
  • Date & Time: June 12, 2018 ㅣ 12 pm – 4 pm
  • Venue: COEX Conference Room 402 (513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu)
  • Scale: 15 foreign startups (total of nine representative countries)
  • Event Summary:
    • * Promotional booths operated by each enterprise
    • * Various services including consultation between domestic and foreign businesses

Expanding “Global Real Estate Agency” for foreign residents to 250 offices

By establishing its 2018 plan to appoint global estate agencies, Seoul City is planning to expand the number of agencies from 223 to 250 in order to facilitate the everyday life of foreign residents.

Since it first designated 20 offices as global real estate agencies in 2008, Seoul City has been expanding the number of appointed offices every year to match the growth of the city as a global city and is now providing housing convenience to over 273,000 foreign residents in Seoul as of the Q1 of 2018.

The current 223 offices offer services in English (170), Japanese (35), English and Japanese (9), Chinese (4), Chinese and English (3), and other languages (2) and are operating per borough.

A real estate agency who wants to be designated as a global real estate agency office can receive an application form from the Real Estate division of a local government office, fill it in and submit it from May 25 to June 29 to the Real Estate division of its local government office. Offices will be designated after examination.

In addition, agencies designated as a Global Real Estate Agency will be advertised on Seoul City’s Global Center website (, Seoul Metropolitan Government’s English website (, Seoul Real Estate Information Square’s website (, and Korea Association of Realtors’ website so that more foreign residents can have access to their services.

The designation certificate and promotional logo are planned to be distributed to the offices additionally designated as Global Real Estate Agencies in July.

Global Real Estate Agency

※ Inquiry: Seoul Metropolitan Government 02-2133-4675 (Land Management Division), or the Real Estate division of each local government office.

Seoul City Offering Incubation Office for Foreign Residents Looking to Start a Business

Seoul City Offering Incubation Office for Foreign Residents Looking to Start a Business

Seoul Global Center is looking for foreign businessmen and women (or startups) who are looking to start a business or who have been managing one for a year at most to join their incubation office for the second part of the year.

※ Since 2010, the Incubation Office is a project that supports foreign startup founders based in Seoul who are either planning on starting a business or who have been managing one for less than a year to build entrepreneurship and the basis for stable business activities.

While currently a total of 16 teams (13 teams in the Seoul Global Center, 3 teams in the Gangnam Global Business Center) have entered the office, by the end of the first half of 2018, a total of 160 teams will have had the opportunity to use the Incubation Office.

Seoul Global Center Incubation Office selects occupants twice a year (once for each half of year) for a period of six months. The selected occupants (startups) are provided with various support programs such as business coaching, 1:1 mentoring per field, and other special lectures, and may be offered one-time extension of six months in the office after a five month-long evaluation.

The Seoul Global Center will receive applications until June 4th, 2018. After a first document screening process, the occupants (startups) for the second part of the year will be selected through an interview. The selected teams will be able to use the Incubation Office for a period of six months starting July 1st, 2018, and may be offered a one-time extension of 6 months after an extension evaluation.

Apart from offering support with its Incubation Office, the Seoul Global Center also provides basic business consultations and expert consultations on taxation, legal affairs, FDI, laws, customs and intellectual property rights related to startup procedures and preparations. Additionally, it runs networking events such as entrepreneurship training and Biz Fairs to enhance the percentage of foreign entrepreneurs in Korea and improve their business competitiveness.

Seoul Global Center Website:
Contact: +82-2-2075-4112

Seoul City Offering Incubation Office for Foreign Residents Looking to Start a Business

Magok Small Giant Enterprise R&D Complex Innovation Center – 100,000 in Job Creation

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is working toward building an R&D Complex Innovation Center utilizing the unsold plot of land within the Magok Industrial Complex in order to comprehensively provide support that includes space for small giant enterprise operations, in addition to support for startup companies, patent/legal/marketing services and the fostering of research specialists. The objective is to create a total of 100,000 jobs following the construction of 17 facility buildings that both house and promote the growth of approximately 1,000 different small giant enterprises.

In line with this goal, Seoul seeks to enable the transformation of the Magok Industrial Complex into an optimized R&D hub that is in connection with everyday life while actively partaking in workforce exchanges. Meanwhile, the gathering of Magok development funds are underway, sought to reach a scale of approximately KRW 580 billion as an initial investment, in order to provide small giant enterprise R&D funding support. A 640,000 ㎡ cultural belt is also in the works to be systematically opened as supplementary facilities, the largest outside of the Gangnam area, including the MICE Complex, Magok Central Square, performance halls and art museums.

Among the 729,785 ㎡ of land occupying the Magok Industrial Complex, 70%, or 514,000 ㎡, currently serves as the grounds for the large enterprise industrial complex, leaving the remaining 30% to be transformed into a small giant enterprise innovative hub, which is intended to operate as the Magok R&D Complex Innovation Center, working as a medium for shared growth between large enterprises and small giants. The Magok Industrial Center was initially planned to function as an industrial/business hub centered around state-of-the-art R&D facilities in 2009, and currently, as of April of this year, saw the completion of roads, water and sewage, facilities and other basic infrastructure. Over the last five years, across the five leading industries of electronics, DNA engineering, biotechnology, IT and energy, as many as 136 domestic and international enterprises recognized for their excellence, have succeeded in securing a space within the complex.

Among the 215,000 ㎡ of unsold land, comprising 30% of the whole, about half (110,795㎡, 15%) of that will go toward housing a total of 17 facilities. More specifically, ▲ the Public Support Center, operating as business support facilities for patent/legal/marketing and other divisions, occupies one assigned space for facilities reaching 3,528 ㎡, ▲ the R&D Center, exclusively housing small giant enterprise operations, retains 15 assigned facility spaces equivalent to 100,000㎡ and ▲ the M-Complex Campus, a technological innovation hub for industry and academic collaboration, holds one assigned space reaching 4,495 ㎡.

The approximately KRW 580 billion in Magok development funding will be funneled into the promotion of exchange between on-site small giant enterprise R&D operations and other companies, while culture and leisure facilities will be expanded to occupy a total of 640,000 ㎡ in area to promote the enjoyment and pleasure of complex affiliates and local residents alike with exhibitions, conventions, cultural and art shows, leisure areas and much more.

All housed business operations and facilities will be constantly managed to ensure faithful use of the Magok Industrial Complex. In addition, a Specialist Operations Committee is scheduled to be launched on the 26th of this month in order manage the support of enterprises regarding several areas of pursuit such as R&D commercialization.

Magok Small Giant Enterprise R&D Complex Innovation Center – 100,000 in Job Creation
Magok Public R&D Center & Dojeonsuk House Public Support Center (M-Hub)
< Magok Public R&D Center & Dojeonsuk House > < Public Support Center (M-Hub) >
< Overlook >
Magok Square Seoul Botanical Garden
< Magok Square > < Seoul Botanical Garden >

Plan of Subsidy Support for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in 2018

Plan of Subsidy Support for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in 2018

Plan of Subsidy Support for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in 2018

In accordance with Article 14, Paragraph 4 of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act (FIPA), Article 20, Paragraph 4 of the FIPA Enforcement Decree, Articles 15 and 16 of the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) Ordinance on Support for Foreign Investment, we hereby offer notification of the plan, outlined below, to provide subsidies for employment, education, and training for foreign invested enterprises in Seoul Metropolitan City in 2018. Eligible companies are kindly requested to submit an application for subsidy in accordance with the following.

March 7, 2018

Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City

  • Eligibility period: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017
  • Eligibility and Requirements
    • ○ Eligibility: Foreign investment projects attracted by the SMG or foreign-invested enterprises that invest in new growth industries designated by the SMG
    • ※ Eight new growth industries: IT convergence, digital content, green industry, business services, fashion & design, finance, tourism and conventions, biomedical
    • ○ Requirements to receive support
      • – New recruitment and training should take place within five years of the date of foreign-invested enterprise registration or within five years of the date of an increase in investment.
      • – Companies whose total number of regular employees increased by more than 10 from the previous year (2016) through new recruitment in 2017 (or, companies whose total number of regular employees is more than 10 for those newly founded in 2017) ※ Applies only to Korean nationals employed as of the date of application.
      • ◆ Regular employee: A person who provides labor to a company for the purpose of a wage and who meets one of the following (except for non-regular workers, as specified in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of「Act on the Protection, etc. of Fixed-term and Part-time Workers」, who have signed labor contracts of less than 1 year, or short-term laborers as specified in Article 2, Paragraph 1, Clause 8 of「Labor Standards Act」).
        1. 1. Average number of persons earning wages from the most recent one year stated on the income tax withholding report, which was submitted to the local tax office in accordance with Article 185, Paragraph 1 of 「Enforcement Decree of the Income Tax Act」.
        2. 2. Average number of persons from the most recent one year with certified records of employer contribution and employee contribution in accordance with Article 3, Paragraph 1, Clause 11 and 12 of「National Pension Act」 (excluding individually insured persons in accordance with Article 9 of the same act).
        3. 3. Average number of persons from the most recent one year with certified records of insurance contributions in accordance with Article 69 of「National Health Insurance Act」 (excluding individually insured persons in accordance with Article 6 of the same act).
        4. – As of the application date, a corporation with a foreign investment ratio of over 30 percent
          ※ Excluding shares (stocks) of foreign companies held by Korean nationals and corporations.
        5. – Companies that completed education and training at qualified job training institutions, as per the Vocational Education and Training Promotion Act, for new employees hired in 2017.
  • Subsidy amount
    • ○ Up to KRW 400 million per company (Maximum KRW 200 million for employment subsidy
      • + Maximum KRW 200 million for education and training subsidy)
      • – For each employee exceeding 10 newly hired employees: up to KRW 1 million per employee for up to six months.
    • ○ Total subsidy budget: KRW 350 million
    • ※ Even if the number of applicants exceeds the budget amount, the provided support must
  • Application
    • ○ Period: March 7 to May 4, 2018
    • ○ Method: In person or via regular mail or email (valid if postmarked by deadline)
    • ○ Submitting location: Investment Promotion Division, Economic Planning Headquarters, Seoul Metropolitan Government
      • – Telephone: 02-2133-5356 (manager in charge of subsidy)
      • – E-mail :
      • – Address: Investment Promotion Division, 7th floor, 21 Mugyo-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 04520(Mugyo-dong, The Exchange Seoul Building)
    • ○ Documents to be submitted
      • – A copy of application for subsidy (Appendix Attached Form No. 2)
      • – A copy of regular employment status report (Appendix Attached Form No. 3)
      • – A certified copy of company registry
      • – A printed copy of certificate of foreign-invested enterprise registration
      • – A copy of employment insurance certificate (printout from on the date of application)
      • – A copy of business employment information status (submitted in 2 types: employment status and retired employees) (Printout for each employment condition type (employed/employment terminated) from Business Establishment > Browse Information > Browse Employment Information Status (20103) from on the date of application
      • – A copy of proof of 4 social insurance subscriptions and a list of businesses subscribed to 4 social insurances (printout from on the date of application)
      • – A printed copy of income tax withholding report (Jan. – Dec 2016, Jan. – Dec 2017)
      • – A printed copy of list of employees (Jan. – Dec. 2016, Jan. – Dec. 2017)
      • ※ Date of start of employment, gender, name and citizenship status (Korean/foreign national) need to be specified.
      • – A printed copy of foreign investment declaration (within the last five years) and proof of deposit of funds
      • – A copy of financial statements of foreign-invested enterprise
      • – Company introductory letter (including results of investments from foreigners in the past 5 years and future investment plans (up to 2022)
      • – A copy of proof of building usage right (rental agreement, etc.)
      • – A copy of proof of training details and payment for education and training subsidy
        • ‧ Foreign nationals: Certificate of domestic residence, phone number (mobile, etc.), alien registration number
        • ‧ Domestic nationals: Resident registration registry (abstract), phone number (mobile, etc.)

        ※ Additional documents may be requested if necessary.

  • Fulfillment of conditions
    • ○ A separate account to receive and spend the subsidy should be set up, and be used only for personnel expenses (employee salary, bonus, welfare expenses, etc.).
    • ○ For the first three years including the year in which a subsidy is applied for, a company receiving the subsidy shall maintain the number of regular employees and more than 30% of foreign investments as the previous year of subsidy application (2017).
      • ※ In the case one of the following occurs, the entirety or portion of a subsidy that has been decided to be issued may be cancelled and, according to this cancellation, the subsidy is to be rescinded.
      • – If the above mentioned conditions for subsidy support are violated;
      • – If a subsidy is received through a false registration or other illegal means; or
      • – Relocation of business place to other cities or provinces.
  • Others
    • ○ For further inquiries, please contact an officer at the Investment Promotion Division of the SMG. (☏02-2133-5356,

※ Attachment

★2018Attachment(standard classification)_NO.1 ★2018Attachment form No.2 & No.3_HP

Seoul Global Startup Center Resident Companies Recruitment

Seoul Global Startup Center Resident Companies Recruitment
Selection of resident companies Orientation for resident companies
< Selection of resident companies > < Orientation for resident companies >
Monthly networking Customized consultation
< Monthly networking > < Customized consultation >

To improve its image as international city that supports business startup for foreigners, international students, and immigrants living in Korea, Seoul City is operating a Seoul Global Startup Center in Yongsan. Since 2016, this center has helped foreigners from 33 countries establish 77 startup companies.

Seoul City is recruiting 20 teams of foreigner startup companies to move into the Seoul Global Startup Center. Selected companies will be allowed to move into the Seoul Global Startup Center for 1 year in which their residence can be extended for a maximum of 3 years after yearly screening.

These resident companies will receive fund support (up to 10,000,000 KRW), mentoring on technology, marketing, and incorporation of juristic persons, and customized consultation services, including patent and law-related matters required for business startup in Korea from lawyers, patent attorneys, and accountants so that they can grow as competitive companies. Any foreigner residing in Korea who is willing to start a business can apply for this program.

Seoul Global Startup Center
2018 Resident Companies Recruitment

  • □ Scale of recruitment: About 20 teams
  • □ Application and screening schedule
    • ○ Application period: February 28 – March 30, 2018 (until 5:00 pm)
    • ○ Application method: Through the website (
    • ○ Screening schedule
      • – 1st screening (document review): April 3 – 5, 2018
      • – 2nd screening (presentation): April 23 – 24, 2018
  • ※ Selection announcement date: April 27, 2018 (Friday) – Results will be announced individually, or can also be checked on the website
  • □ Recruitment targets
    • ○ Preliminary business startup teams consisting of one or more foreigners (decision-makers), and teams within the first 3 years of establishment.
    • ○ Teams available for starting a new business within 6 months after moving in, or teams available for moving into the Global Startup Center
  • □ Screening method: Document review and presentation
  • □ Screening items: Business feasibility, growth potential after moving in, team competence, etc.
  • □ Support provided after moving in: Office space, business funds, training, mentoring, consultation, etc.
  • □ Period of residence in the Global Startup Center: May 2018 – April 2019 (12 months)
  • □ Inquiries
    • ○ E-mail:
    • ○ Contact: 82-2-718-1170 (available on weekdays during business hours)

‘Seoul City Job Cafe’ to Rent Job Consulting and Study Rooms for Free

‘Seoul City Job Cafe’ to Rent Job Consulting and Study Rooms for Free
Seoul Youth Employment Center Pitch Study Cafe
Seoul Youth Employment Center Pitch Study Cafe

Located in Jongno, Sinchon, and other places with a high population of youth, ‘Seoul Job Cafe’ is a space for job searchers between the ages of 18 and 39. The cafe provides the latest job information, employment counseling, duty consultation, and other various employment support programs, in addition to study room rentals. All programs and services are free of charge.

Study rooms are considered to be the most important factor for youth preparing for employment, and Seoul City has created job cafes at private facilities, such as study cafes and language institutes, as well as in public facilities. Through the cafe, approximately 60 study rooms that can accommodate between 2-10 persons are provided for free. Hours of use for the study rooms are a maximum of 3 hours per person per day.

Meanwhile, Seoul City is set to expand the number of job cafes to 90 in 2018, from the 78 places currently in operation. Also, it will continue to listen to opinions of the youth in order to expand consumer-oriented programs which will be of practical use to those preparing for employment, and it plans to increase the quality by systematically organizing the programs according to individual levels of preparation.

To participate in the employment support program or to book study rooms at <Seoul City Job Cafe>, you may refer to the Seoul Job Portal ( for confirmation and registration.

Opening of the Seoul-India Economic Exchange Center in Delhi

Opening of the Seoul-India Economic Exchange Center in Delhi

On November 8, 2017, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon participated in the opening ceremony of the Seoul-India Economic Exchange Center in Delhi, India. This was the first time that the Mayor of Seoul made an official visit to Southwest Asia. Mayor Park said that “the City of Seoul will act as the bridge that supports the market entry and investment attraction in India of promising Korean startups and small- and medium-sized businesses in cooperation with the Center.”

The Seoul-India Economic Exchange Center is a platform that helps Korean and Indian startup companies enter each other’s’ countries. Since the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement in 2010 many Korean conglomerates have moved into India and established local corporations in various parts of the country while small- and medium-sized businesses and startups were not given as much opportunity to do so.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, in his congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony said, “Now startups and small- and medium-sized businesses will also be given an opportunity to do business in India. Following the opening of a platform organization in India to support the market entry of Korean startups in India and that of Indian startups in Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will take various follow-up measures in cooperation with the economic exchange center.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Government had earlier designated India as one of its new target investment countries and organized an investment consulting event between the Indian economic mission and enterprises in Seoul, Korea in September 2016 in order to lay the foundation for Korean small- and medium-sized businesses and startup companies entering the Indian market.

Seoul Mayor Park also hosted the Seoul-India Friendship Festival at the Gurgaon Cyber Hub Arena in the city of Gurugram in Haryana State, India between November 8 and 9 to meet with the people of India. It was the first time Seoul’s culture, tourism and city brand were introduced in India, an unexplored exchange area for Korea. Mayor Park made a surprise appearance on stage of the Nanta performance and performed with the crew.

Opening of the Seoul-India Economic Exchange Center in Delhi

Seoul City Hosts First Investment Promotion Conference in India

Seoul City Hosts First Investment Promotion Conference in India

On November 9, 2017, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) hosted its first investment promotion conference at the Taj Mahal in Delhi, the center of the newly rising economic powerhouse of India. Over 50 small- and medium-sized Indian companies and investment firms were invited to the event. 10 promising Korean start-up companies selected through fierce competition at a ten-in-one ratio accompanied Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon during his tour of Southwest Asia to attract investment from the invited Indian companies.

At the investment promotion conference, the 10 start-up companies promoted their business through individual presentations and one-on-one meetings (B2B consultations) with Indian enterprises. Participating companies were also given time to sign business agreements among themselves at the event, which is expected to bring about tangible investment attractions. Participating companies signed business agreements on investment of capital, technology exchanges and strategic partnerships based on the results of their one-on-one meetings and prior information exchange.

Meanwhile, Seoul Mayor Park also introduced outstanding policies of Seoul in the Smart City category and discussed the possibility of exporting Seoul’s policies to India and specific ways of engaging in cooperation with the Indian government.

Seoul City Hosts Job Fair for Foreign Residents

Seoul City Hosts Job Fair for Foreign Residents

On October 31, 2017, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will host the 2017 Job Fair for Foreign Residents from 10am until 5pm at COEX Hall D1 to provide foreigners with an opportunity to find employment at domestic companies and offer domestic companies a chance to hire a foreign work force and move one step closer to advance into the overseas market.

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the Job Fair for Foreign Residents. 49 companies and 2,082 job seekers participated in the 2015 job fair and 50 of them found employment. As for the 2016 job fair, 63 companies and 2,120 job seekers took part, with 65 people succeeding in landing a job.

60 domestic companies will attend this year’s job fair including those that are aiming at advancing into overseas markets, large- and medium-sized companies that are expanding their foreign customer services inside Korea such as Woori Bank and Webzen as well as promising small- and medium-sized companies.

Job seekers may receive information on each participating company and engage in a one-on-one interview at recruitment booths. HR managers of participating companies can use the interview management system to systematically manage everything from confirmation of the interview schedule to completion of hiring. Other services offered at the job fair include Vocational Aptitude Test (Kookmin University), Interview Clinic (Dongguk University), Resume Clinic (Chung-Ang University), Makeup and Image Consulting and Resume Photo Service.

All foreigners seeking employment can register and request interviews (interviews are conducted on a first-come-first-served basis) through the job fair website ( until October 27, 2017. On-site registration on the day of the fair is also possible. If you wish to register on-site, please bring your resume and letter of self-introduction to participate in job interviews.

Seoul City Hosts Job Fair for Foreign Residents