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  • Over 60 % of Shops in the Seoul International Finance Center’s General Shopping Mall Have Been Rented Out

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government said the rental ratio of shops in the underground shopping mall at the Seoul International Finance Center, which will be completed in phases from October this year to 2012, has topped 60%. Also, as convenience facilities and amenities in a new hotel at SIFC have been refurbished in succession, SIFC is now poised to transform Yeouido into a multi space that encompasses shopping, culture, and business, as well as being a financial hub.

    An artist’s concept of SIFC in Yeouido, Yeouido, an international financial hub

    SIFC, with a combined floor space of 505,694 sq. meters, is well under way in its construction at Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul and is slated for completion in 2012. The project entails the construction of four buildings, including three towers that are designed for premium-class business and a five-star hotel. The underground spaces of these four buildings are interlinked.

    Above all, a Multiplex Movie Theater with nine screens will be installed in SIFC’s underground level as the first facility of its kind to open in Yeouido. The theater is expected to be highly popular among financiers who enjoy cultural activities during the week, and local residents and Seoulites who visit Yeouido in family groups during the weekend.

    A large bookstore spanning 3,000 sq. meters and a fashion brand store that sells name brand and luxury items will also make SIFC Mall their homes. SIFC Mall will not only serve as a cultural space but also as a landmark-shopping site in the southwestern region of Seoul. High-end restaurants, a food court, and supermarket will also be installed in the mall.

    In consideration of the characteristic of Yeouido being a financial hub where global enterprises are moving in en masse, SIFC is expected to attract companies and shops that will cater to the needs of professionals who are keen on the latest trends, and will thus elevate living standards for local residents by expanding living facilities that are largely lacking in Yeouido, which is an area that has only been considered a center for economy and politics.

    With the construction of a new-concept luxury business hotel at SIFC, a landmark business site for foreign financiers and professionals who are visiting Yeouido will also emerge.

    An underground public pedestrian path linking Yeouido Station (Lines 5 and 9) and the SIFC underground mall will be constructed to increase convenience in cultural life for all of the citizens and tourists who are visiting this new landmark.