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  • Orientation for New Permanent Position Officials

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held an orientation Session for 1,133 city officials (325 from City Hall and the city’s business establishments and 808 from the city’s affiliated agencies) whose temporary jobs will become permanent positions as of May 1, at the University of Seoul on April 30.

    The session was attended by Mayor Park Won Soon and the heads of various agencies under the auspices of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, including the Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation and the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, as a considerable number of their staff members were due to make the transition from temporary to permanent employment. The new permanent-position officials were presented with letters of appointment and new ID cards. The orientation session covered certain educational issues as well as an introduction to the city government’s policies, the desirable attitude of public servants, and various other technical matters.

    Starting with the orientation program, the city government plans to open training courses for public officials and implement systematic educational programs for temporary officials in order to offer them opportunities to boost their competence as public servants.

    The curricula will include kindness and other valued qualities of public servants, introductions to the policies of the city government, computer skills, and other practical subjects related to the improvement of their job competence. In principle, the training will be offered by each agency. Starting in 2013, the Seoul Human Resources Development Center will launch a training course for public officials, while the city government will continue doing its utmost to ensure that its officials attend various education and training sessions.

    Mayor Park Won Soon said, “I will make every effort to improve the working conditions of temporary workers who are indirectly employed, including dispatched workers from private contractors, to implement the policy of hiring officials as permanent positions for any constant job, and to extend this principle to the private sector in Korea.”