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  • Operation of ‘Taxi Happy Zone’ in the Whole Area of Jongno, Seoul

  • Traffic News SMG 6589

    Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is planning to take measures to relieve the difficulties of taking taxis during late hours at the end of the year when the demand for taxis is rapidly increasing. In order to prevent taxi ride refusal and passenger pick-up at the taxi drivers’ choice, SMG is going to operate the Taxi Happy Zone in the Jongno area, to expand the availability of nighttime taxis and alternative passenger transportation vehicles in the late hours, and to exercise strict control over illegal activities like refusal of passengers at the main stop positions in parallel.

    SMG will operate ‘Taxi Happy Zone’ with temporary taxi stands free from taxi cutting-in and passenger refusal in the section reaching from Jonggak to Jongno 3-ga (650m) from midnight to 2:00am every Saturday from December 3rd (Sat.) ~ 24th (Sat.), 2016.

    Gwanghwamun Jinggak Jongno-gu Nagwon Instrument Arcade Jongno 2-ga Namsan Tunnel 1 Jongno 3-ga Dongdaemun Taxi Happy Zone Area Existing Taxi Stands Newly Designated Taxi Stands

    Jongno 3-ga Station → towards Jonggak Station Jonggak Station → towards Jongno 3-ga Station Nakwon Instrument Arcade → towards Namsan
    ❶ Front of YMCA (Airport Bus Stop) ❸ Front of Gukilgwan (Taxi Stand) ❹ Front of T-Premium (Street Light 2-2)
    ❷ Front of Yukuijeon Building (Taxi Stand) ❺ Entrance to the Street of Youth

    Locations of ‘Happy Zone’, the Temporary Taxi Stands in Jongno Area

    In order to make it easier for the citizens to recognize the Taxi Happy Zone, SMG is going to install temporary taxi stands in 5 places by attaching light-emitting signboards in the zone. Also, it has a plan to promote the operation of Taxi Happy Zone using placards, banners, etc. around the Jongno area in order to avoid confusion and to publicize such zones.