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  • Operation of Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Transportation during Chuseok Holiday

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    Seoul will be conducting a “special transportation measure for the Chuseok holiday” so that those who travel to and from Seoul can enjoy the national holiday both comfortably and safely.

    On the day of Chuseok (Sept. 13) and the day after Chuseok (Sept. 14), the subway trains will be operated until 2 a.m. of the next day (time of arrival to the last stop).

    The buses will be operated until 2 a.m. on the same days. The targets of this measure are the 129 lines that pass by the five train stations (Seoul Station, Yongsan Station, Yeongdeungpo Statin, Cheongnyangni Station, and Suseo Station) or the four bus terminals (Central City, Dongseoul, Nambu, and Sangbong Terminals).

    Nine night buses and over 3,100 night taxis will be operated as usual during the holiday so that passengers can find convenience while traveling throughout the city, even if they arrive to the city late at night.

    In addition, “emergency & on-call medical institutions” and “holiday protective pharmacies” will be appointed and operated so that citizens can use hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies that are normally closed during the Chuseok holiday (Sept. 12-15).

    The 67 emergency medical institutions and emergency centers of general hospitals in Seoul will be operated 24/7, as usual. On-call medical institutions will be operated according to separate operation hours, so patients who require these services should check the hours before visiting.

    On-call medical institutions include 470 clinics and hospitals, aside from emergency medical institutions, that provide emergency treatment service or preliminary treatment for patients during the Chuseok holiday. Also, 1,223 holiday protective pharmacies in the vicinity of those institutions will be appointed and operated.

    The list of clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies that will be open during the holiday is available via phone, internet, or the mobile app. Visit one of the websites of 119, Seoul, each autonomous district, or the Central Emergency Medical Center; call 119 (Emergency Control Center) or 120 (Dasan Call Center); or download the app “e-gen” on your mobile phone.

    General medicine and medical supplies (13 items, 4 types, including digestive medicine, antipyretics & analgesics, cold medicine, pain relief patches, etc.) are easily available at the 6,918 stores designated to sell such supplies, including convenience stores.