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  • Opening of Seoul e-Stadium, a New Mecca of e-Sports

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    On April 30, the SMG officially opened Seoul e-Stadium. A ceremony celebrating the opening of the e-Stadium was held on the same day, with many people in attendance, including Mayor Park Won-soon, Sports Minister Kim Jong-deok, and CJ E&M President Kim Seong-su.

    The e-Stadium has been built with the investment of a total of 53.5 billion won (27.5 billion won by the SMG, 16 billion won by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and 10 billion won by CJ E&M, which will serve as the operating business), on broadcast facilities and the interior.

    The construction plan was set up in 2009 and the work was completed on February 20, 2015. Prior to the official opening on April 30, the stadium went through a period of trial operation.

    〈S-PLEX Center〉                   〈Seoul e-Stadium〉

    The Seoul e-Stadium boasts a theater-like facility featuring comfortable spectator seats, a high-end sound system, a spacious players’ locker room, a bathroom for players, and a gigabit internet broadcast facility.

    Commenting on the stadium, Mayor Park, Won-soon said, “e-Sport is a promising industry which has an infinite development and is popular mainly among peope in 10s and 20s It is expected to develop rapidly as a professional sports industry, given its level of participation. We at the SMG will strive to focus on the invigoration of its positive aspects so that it may grow as a mature industry and part of the culture representing young people.”