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  • Opening of the “Seoul Danurim Tourism Center” for Travel Support of the Travel-Weak

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    The Seoul Danurim Tourism Center will open its doors to offer comprehensive tourism activity support for the disabled, elderly, and other citizens who experience difficulty getting around due to physical limitations. Seoul will open the Seoul Danurim Tourism Center that provides all services related to barrier-free tourism.

    Seoul plans to satisfy all tourism demands of the travel-weak through the Seoul Danurim Tourism Center, which opens this week, in addition to providing a universal environment for the travel-weak to experience the joys of travel, anytime and anywhere. The Seoul Danurim Tourism Center is expected to help Seoul grow into a city that is convenient for traveling.

    In order to realize this, the city will offer barrier-free tourism information on the Seoul Darnurim Tourism website (http://www.seouldanurim.net), as well as a one-stop service that will offer customized travel counseling and reservation services for the travel-weak. The city will operate the Seoul City Bus that is equipped with wheelchair ramps, accommodative services such as the wheelchair and auxiliary device rental service, information accessibility, and improved physical environments.

    Furthermore, Seoul will construct a cooperative system with related local and foreign organizations for cooperation and the sharing of related information, to provide awareness-increasing manual development and supply of tourism personnel for such increase of social awareness, and to aim for the expansion of a base for the revitalization of barrier-free tourism.