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  • Opening of the ‘4th Seoul Youth Council’

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    Opening of the ‘4th Seoul Youth Council’

    Seoul hosted the 4th Seoul Youth Council on May 11-12, 2019. The 4th Seoul Youth Council was comprised of the Seoul Children and Youth Participation Committee, which includes young people from 25 autonomous districts with experience in youth-participatory organizations, as well as youths hoping to become active in the Youth Council.

    Young members who became council members this year, in 2019, made pledges at the opening ceremony, received commissions, and officially began their activities in the council.

    The members took part in political activities in the following areas of the four standing committees: △humanities education, △living and welfare, △culture and participation, and △human rights and ethics. The committee chairperson and vice-chairperson of each standing committee, as well as one chairperson and two vice-chairpersons of the Youth Council were directly elected by the youths on the day of the opening ceremony.

    Following the opening ceremony, the Youth Council discussed issues or circumstances related to youths in the local community, in addition to standing committee activities for policy introductions.

    The general meeting will commence in November. A total of 24 policies were proposed at the general meeting in 2018 and 14 of them were reflected after examination.

    As part of measures to eradicate the recently growing issue of sexual assault in schools, the sexual assault report box installment policy proposed by the Youth Council was reflected, leading to a push for the installment of a direct hotline between the Women’s Association and the superintendent of education by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. The final policy decided by this year’s general meeting will be examined by the appropriate department and reflected in the Seoul Municipal Government.