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  • Opening of “Smart Seoul Exhibition Hall” for Experiencing Cutting-Edge Smart City, Seoul, with 3D and AR

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     Smart City, Seoul, that changes citizens’ lives
Learn about Smart City, Seoul at the Seoul Exhibition Hall! Smart Seoul Exhibition Hall

    On October 27, 2020, the experiential “Smart Seoul Exhibition Hall” opened on the first basement floor of Seoul City Hall (Seoul Citizens Hall). The exhibition hall displays the innovative and cutting-edge technologies that the citizens of Seoul enjoy in their everyday lives. It operates based on a reservation system.

    The exhibition hall is largely divided into four sections, consisting of experience spaces that present exhibits dynamically in 3D and AR (augmented reality). To allow non-contact viewing, the “Smart Seoul Exhibition Hall” app is used to provide exhibition guides. The exhibition hall is composed of four sections under the theme, “Seoul changes citizens’ lives based on data.”

    The first section, “Collect Seoul,” shows the SMG’s entire process of collecting, storing and releasing big data all on one large LED screen. Visitors can see the various projects that the SMG is currently executing through videos, such as Seoul’s telecommunication network “S-Net,” “S-Dot” which collects environmental data such as particulate matter, temperature and humidity, and the “Open Data Plaza.”

    The second section, “Examine Seoul,” is a space that offers an experience of “S-Map,” which shows the entire area of Seoul in 3D through a digital twin technology on a large touch screen. With just the touch of a desired location, simple and easy-to-understand environmental information is provided, such as the amount of sunshine, views of the landscape, and wind direction.

    In one corner, the SMG’s “Digital Mayor’s Office” is installed separately. This is a cutting-edge system that offers comprehensive administrative information that is directly related to citizens’ lives in real time, such as transportation conditions, disaster sites, and prices. It was developed by the SMG for the first time in the world in 2017 by integrating administrative information and ICT technologies.

    Within the third section, “Changing Citizens’ Lives,” is a space called, “Movement Becomes Easier.” Visitors can see the Smart City policies that change citizens’ daily lives through the experiences of an imaginary character named Mr. Seoul spending the whole day in Seoul.

    Through the “4-sided Video Gallery,’ Mr. Seoul shows what life is like in Seoul. The smart technologies of Seoul citizens’ everyday lives, such as “Ttareungi,” “Nanum Car,” and “owl buses,” are introduced. Visitors can also view the videos in AR with the app.

    The space, “Citizens’ Daily Lives Become Safer,” introduces the SMG’s administrative services in detail, such as CCTV Integrated Safety Center, Emergency Vehicle Priority Signal System, and Smart Plug Services for the elderly.

    The fourth section, “Create Together,” introduces the process of reflecting the opinions of Seoul’s citizens, who are “Smart Citizens,” through “Democratic Seoul.” When citizens express “agree” or “disagree” with a topic discussed on “Democratic Seoul” by pressing the touch screen, the process of how the vote turns out is presented on the screen.

    This section also contains the innovative business promotional space. Visitors can see products presented at the IT & home appliance expo, “2020 CES,” which was held in Las Vegas, USA in early 2020. In addition, the space introduces businesses that were created through cooperation between the SMG and citizens, such as the “Anywhere Support Group” that provides education on digital devices to the elderly who easily forget information.

    Citizens who want to visit the Smart City Seoul Exhibition Hall can make a reservation via the website of Seoul Citizens Hall (http://www.seoulcitizenshall.kr). The exhibition hall will be open Monday-Saturday (closed Sunday), and visitors who make reservations are offered three time slots for admission (10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.) Admission is free.

    The Information Desk offers tablet rentals to citizens who cannot install the app. In the future, a program that provides a tour guide who will offer explanations to visitors when Seoul Citizens Hall is open will be provided.
    (Inquiries: +82-2-2133-7874)