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  • Opening of “Sinchon Yonsei-ro,” Seoul’s First Transit Mall

    SMG 5182
  • Operation of Yonsei-ro Transit Mall commences with bus services on January 6 (Mon.)
    On January 6, 2014, Seoul Metropolitan Government’s first transit mall, “Sinchon Yonsei-ro,” was reborn as a safe, convenient street for pedestrians.

    “Sinchon Yonsei-ro Transit Mall” covers a distance of 550m between Sinchon Subway Station and main entrance of Yonsei University. Besides pedestrians, vans with more than 16 passengers, emergency vehicles, and bicycles are allowed in the transit district, which is equipped with 11 city bus lines and 3 village bus lines. This district is designated as “Zone 30″ where all vehicles including buses have a speed limit of 30km/h for pedestrians’ safety.

    - 11 city bus lines, 3 village bus lines; penalty for general vehicles that enter the district, taxis allowed only at night

    Due to the operation of the transit mall, general vehicles are not allowed to enter Yonsei-ro 24/7; violations of such traffic law (Article 6) will be subject to a penalty (sedan: 40,000 won, van: 50,000 won). Taxis are allowed from 12AM to 4AM; special vehicles relevant to the businesses within Yonsei-ro District are allowed after authorization during certain periods of time (10-11, 15-16) but are prohibited from parking on the street.

    Furthermore, Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate public bicycles to ensure ease of transportation to pedestrians in the proximity of Sinchon Station and Yonsei University; thus vitalizing the use of bicycles.

    -Change in traffic system to avoid causing inconveniences to general vehicles and additional installations of crosswalks for pedestrians
    Seoul Metropolitan Government built crossroads and changed other traffic systems in Sinchon for the general vehicles that previously took the Yonsei-ro route to make a detour conveniently.


    Creation of crossroad at the entrance of Sinchon Train Station

    신촌기차역입구 교차로 신설

    5-Way Sinchon Intersection Traffic System Change

    신촌오거리 통행체계

    Moreover, there was only one crosswalk on the east side of the entrance of Yonsei University due to the former traffic flow-centered structure; after the additional installation of a crosswalk on the west side of the entrance, however, it is now safer and more convenient for pedestrians.

    Former structure (one crosswalk)


    Improved structure (two crosswalks)


    Sidewalk width widened from 3~4m to 8m… Sidewalk and driveway on the same level for the handicapped

    Until recently, Sinchon Yonsei-ro had a narrow sidewalk for the large flow of pedestrians. After this construction, however, the sidewalk was widened to up to 8m, and obstacles to walking were removed or organized to provide comfortable walking space.

    In addition, Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide a space called “Oasis 0.5″ (a space similar to an oasis in a desert, where pedestrians can always rest) and hold various cultural events there, such as B-Boy performances, with the goal of transforming the space into a dynamic main cultural space.

    In July 2012, Seoul Metropolitan Government designated Sinchon Yonsei-ro as a public transit mall model project. After the formation of a project council consisting of local officials and negotiation with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and other relevant agencies, the proposal was confirmed; by July 2013, the project was under construction. The Sinchon Public Transit Mall Project was completed successfully within a year through the operation of the project council consisting of local officials and numerous negotiation processes. This project is recognized as a successful case of conflict resolution among the projects promoted by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    If Sinchon Yonsei-ro Public Transit Mall is continually operated successfully, Seoul City plans to expand it to other districts.

    Bird’s-Eye View of Sinchon Public Transit Mall





    In front of Changchun Methodist Church

    창천교회앞 조성전


    창천교회앞 조성후

    In front of U-plex

    유플렉스 앞 조성전


    유플렉스 앞 조성후

    Location Map of Sinchon Transit Mall

    대중교통 위치도