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  • Opening of Renewed Foreign-Language Homepage of Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • SMG 3376


    Seoul Metropolitan Government has opened its renewed official foreign-language homepage on Feb. 27, 2014 to provide more information on policies and living for the increasing number of foreign residents in Seoul and visiting foreigners.

    The revised foreign-language homepage of Seoul Metropolitan Government is divided into 4 major parts: “Get to Know US,” “Information on Policies,” “Information on Living,” and “Community.” “Get to Know US” contains information that can advertise Seoul to foreigners such as meaning of Seoul, online mayor’s office, Seoul City Hall, and statistics related to Seoul. “Information on policies” conveys core policies, international exchange, urban architecture, economy, traffic, environment & energy, and culture & tourism in the aspect of business. “Information on Living” has information useful to foreigners living in Korea including residential environment, jobs, transportation, culture, and health & welfare. “Community” consists of the information necessary for more familiar communication such as simple Speaking Korean, Honorary Citizens, overseas Reporters, and Promotion.

    In particular, the information added to the renewed foreign language homepage is expected to resolve the difference in acquisition of the necessary information on living for the increasing number of foreigners living in Korea for multicultural marriage, employment, etc.

    In addition to the aspect of the provided information, the platform of the system has been improved for easy acquisition of information. The renewed homepage was produced using WordPress tool, which is recognized worldwide for its effective management of information update. Likewise, considering the users’ environment of site usage, compliance with Web standard and accessibility were ensured by improving many things compared to the previous homepage.

    Furthermore, considering the recently popular mobile Internet environment, the system was constructed in Responsive Web for users’ easy access to the site in any device. Thus, the new homepage can be used easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere. Moreover, social login and commenting functions were added for smooth communication with users.

    To publicize the renewal of the site, Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold an event for foreigners on the date of opening of the site so that more foreigners can visit the site of Seoul Metropolitan Government through the event.

    ※ Established in Responsive Web to respond to various devices including mobile