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  • Opening of Namsan Yejang Park

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held the opening ceremonies for Namsan Yejang Park and Lee Hoe-yeong Memorial Hall on Wed, Jun. 9. This marked the completion of the twelve-year-long Namsan Renaissance Project that began in 2009.

    The park was constructed on a scale of 13,036 m2, which was prepared by demolishing the TBS (Traffic Broadcasting System) building as well as the Korean Central Intelligence Agency’s (Namsan Annex of Seoul City Hall) sixth bureau building that had blocked the natural landscape of Namsan Mountain.

    The Czech Weapons Special Exhibition will be held as the opening exhibition to celebrate the Battle of Bongo-dong (Fengwudong) and the Battle of Cheongsan-ri (Qingshanli) where the Korean army for national independence took victory. The SMG prepared this exhibition for several years and leased the items used in the battles, such as rifles and other weapons as well as maps and military uniforms, courtesy of the Czechoslovak Legion.

    On the underground floor of the park is the Lee Hoe-yeong Memorial Hall, where 42 relics donated by Lee’s descendants are exhibited in the permanent exhibition called “Earning the Sword with Orchid Leaves.”

    An eco-friendly bus transfer center established in March this year is located at the foot of the park. Serving as a parking lot for buses, it addresses the issue of buses parking around Myeong-dong and Namsan Mountain. It also serves as a transfer center for passengers to get on and off eco-friendly green buses that run around Namsan Mountain.

    From the second half of the next year, the operation of gasoline vehicles will be completely banned around Namsan Mountain and only eco-friendly buses will be allowed to run. To this end, four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been constructed in the area.

    Namsan Yejang Park

    Namsan Yejang Park