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  • Opening of Cheonggyecheon Upcycle Festival

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    제5회 청계천 업사이클 페스티벌,2019. 10.15-21 청계천 청계광장-광동교, Upcycle City:지속가능한 도시를 위한 예술 10월 가을날 청계산을 걸으며 지속가능한 도시환경과 지구를 위해 고민하는 예술가들이 건네는 메세지에 귀기울여 보세요.

    Seoul is hosting the 5th Cheonggyecheon Upcycle Festival together with social enterprises from October 15 to 21, 2019, at the section between Cheonggye Plaza and Gwangtonggyo Bridge. During the festival, Cheonggyecheon Stream, the symbol of recycling and restoration, will turn into an artistic space displaying upcycled artwork that were created from abandoned waste.

    “Upcycle” is a compound word combining “upgrade” and “recycle.” The festival will become a venue exhibiting a variety of upcycled artworks that are created by using waste resources and waste materials. Under the theme, “Upcycle City,” the festival is comprised of three sections: Life Up, Art Up, and Citizens’ Participatory Programs.

    The Life Up section takes place in Cheonggye Plaza, where sculptures created from aluminum cans are displayed. Set between Mojeongyo Bridge and Gwangtonggyo Bridge, the sidewalls of the Art Up section are decorated with prints and upcycled artworks. The Citizens’ Participatory Programs include making bracelets out of camellia flowers and sponge needlework art. Besides these sections, the Aluminum Can Recycling Campaign and a VR/AR experience center will be in operation.

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