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  • Opening of 2021 S/S Seoul Fashion Week on October 20

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    2021 S/S Seoul Fashion Week, an event organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) to promote Korean fashion (“K-fashion”) to the global community, will take place from Tue, Oct. 20 to Sun, Oct. 25. With the advent of the untact (“contactless”) age, the SMG will roll out its “DDP Digital Runway” for the first time, and the event will break out of the conventional mold of fashion shows and advertise K-fashion in an experimental way to lead the global design market in the fashion sector.
    The “See Now, Buy Now” system will be introduced for the first time so that viewers can buy the products that are shown on the fashion shows. All fashion and live commerce shows will be broadcast to viewers around the world via global online platforms, such as the major Chinese social media app of WeChat and the domestic portal of NAVER. Moreover, viewers can also visit the official website of Seoul Fashion Week (http://www.seoulfashionweek.org) as well as the Seoul Fashion Week and DDP YouTube channels.
    The SMG announced that Seoul Fashion Week via DDP Digital Runway will serve as a testbed for designers to express their collections and adapt to the changes of the post-coronavirus age as well as an opportunity to present the dynamic and creativity of K-fashion and accelerate its globalization.