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  • Opening of 2019 Seoul Survival 3C Masters, the World’s Most Prestigious 3-Cushion Billiards Competition

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    Survival 2019서울 서바이버러 3쿠션 마스터즈 3C MASTERS 2019년 9월 19일(목)~22일(일) 더 넥센 유니버시티 총 상급: 3억 2천만원

    The 2019 Seoul Survival 3C Masters is the world’s most prestigious 3-cushion billiards competition, supported by the city of Seoul and co-organized by the Seoul Sports Council and the Seoul Billiards Federation. The competition will take place from September 16 (Mon.) to 22 (Sun.), 2019 at MVL Billiards and the Nexen Univer-City.

    The qualifiers will be held at MVL Billiards (Gangnam-gu, Seoul) from September 16 (Mon.) to 17 (Tues.) and the finals and awards ceremony will take place at the Nexen Univer-City (Gangseo-gu, Seoul) from September 19 (Thurs.) to 22 (Sun.)

    The 2019 Seoul Survival 3C Masters, an international 3-cushion billiards competition awarding a total of KRW 320 million in prize money, is co-hosted by Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB) and the Korea Billiards Federation with participation by 128 players from 15 countries. With the world’s top 20 players competing in the event, Korean billiards fans will have the opportunity to enjoy matches of the highest standards.

    The competition will see the participation of renowned Korean players, such as Kim Heang-jik (ranked 12th in the world), the semifinal winner of the Survival 3-cushion Masters that took place in Istanbul, Turkey, in August, as well as Cho Jae-ho (ranked 7th in the world), a player who is affiliated with Seoul City Hall. As for foreigners, the world’s top 3-cushion players, including Dick Jaspers (Dutch, ranked 1st in the world), the heavy favorite for the event; Marco Zanetti (Italian, ranked 3rd in the world), a highly experienced veteran player; and Torbjörn Blomdahl (Swedish, ranked 15th in the world), the “emperor of billiards,” will fiercely compete against each other for seven days.

    32 players—the world’s top 20 players, four wild-card players, and eight players who pass the preliminary rounds—will face off in the form of groups of four through survival games to determine the winner.

    The major final games will be broadcasted live on the MBC Sports+ channel and live coverage of all games will be delivered through the website of Kozoom Korea, the online billiard-specialized broadcasting platform. Admission is free for every game and more information including a detailed schedule is available on the website of the Korea Billiards Federation (www.kbfsports.or.kr).

    The spectators who visit to watch the game can also enjoy special events, such as guessing the winner for each game and a gift lottery.