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  • Opening of 2019 General Assembly of the Seoul International Business Advisory Council

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    Seoul hosted the 18th General Assembly of Seoul International Business Advisory Council under the theme of “A Leading Smart City” on Friday, September 20, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. More than 400 participants, including SIBAC members and advisors, as well as other Korean and foreign figures, took part in the meeting to share advanced cases of global smart cities and search for various methods that can be applied to the city of Seoul.

    The Seoul International Business Advisory Council (SIBAC) is an advisory organization for the mayor of Seoul, established in 2001. Currently, the members of the council include the CEOs of Esquel Group, SUEZ, Red Dot, Forbes, Siemens, Brookfield, Audi, Dassault Systemes, Veolia, Yozma Group, MIT, and Phillips Auction House, as well as 27 top scholars and two advisors.
    Celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, the General Assembly of SIBAC was headed by Marjorie Yang (Esquel Group), the first woman to be chairperson of the council. It is expected that the role of woman leaders will be pronounced in the economic consultation and discussions of Seoul as new female members have been recruited, including Jessica Tan (co-CEO of Pingan Group) and Daniela Rus (MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory).

    Mayor Park Won-soon delivered the keynote speech on “Seoul, a Leading Smart City,” which was followed by three sessions on ▴Smart City Life, ▴Smart Enterprise, and ▴Smart City Service in which the participants discussed ways to strengthen the competitiveness of Seoul as a global smart city with a focus on advanced overseas cases.

    The first session on Smart City Life included presentations by five speakers, including Peter Zec (founder and CEO of Red Dot), Hilmar Pétursson (CEO of CCP Games), Jessica Tan (co-CEO of Pingan Group), Carlo Ratti (director of MIT Senseable City Lab), and Marjorie Yang (president of Esquel Group), with a subsequent discussion between participating members of the advisory council.

    The second session on Smart Enterprise was the venue to listen to digital innovation cases and experiences of outstanding global businesses. Speakers who introduced the cases of companies, governments, and cities included Jean-Louis Chaussade (president of SUEZ), Yigal Erlich (president of Yozma Group), Rudolph Schlais (president of ASL Automobile Science and Technology, Shanghai), Yan Lan (CEO of Lazard China), and Chris Townsend (CEO of AIG).

    The third session on the sub-topic of Smart City Service invited presenters Richard Smith (president of the Pinkerton Foundation), Daniela Rus (director of MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), Christopher Forbes (vice-president of Forbes), and Edward Dolman (president of Phillips Auction House).

    Mayor Park Won-soon said that the General Assembly of SIBAC was “a valuable opportunity to promote the city of Seoul to leaders of global companies and renowned scholars, as well as to listen to and discuss their strategies to realize Seoul, a Leading Smart City. We will reflect their advice in the city’s policies. While focusing on people as the primary value in Smart City Seoul, we will do our best to make the city smart, reforming the whole process of our administration and our services.”

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    Photos Related to the General Assembly of SIBAC
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