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  • Opening of the Hangang Summer Festivals on July 21

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    Opening of the Hangang Summer Festivals on July 21

    The 2017 Hangang Summer Festivals, a leading event of the summer in Seoul, is back for another fun season. This year, the event will be comprised of 80 programs at 11 Hangang parks. Starting with the opening ceremony on July 21 at Banpo Hangang Park, the events will continued for a month until August 20.

    This year, 80 programs will be offered under the three themes of ‘Rediscovering Hangang.’ The three themes include ① Cool Hangang (playing in water, water sports), ② Inspiring Hangang (performances, viewing, passion) and ③ Together Hangang (nature, ecosystem, rest).

    Opening of the Hangang Summer Festivals on July 21

    In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the festivals, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) recommended 17 new and popular programs that people should visit among the 2017 Hangang Summer Festivals. They are: ① Cardboard Boat Race, ② Water Fight Festival, ③ Hangang Bike Tour, ④ Under the Bridge Film Festival, ⑤ Hangang Jazz Festival, ⑥ Fire Festival Korea, ⑦ Under the Bridge Used Book Festival, ⑧ Hangang Summer Campground, ⑨ Hangang Night Walk 42k, ⑩ Hangang Food Truck 100, ⑪ Water Sports Center, ⑫ 2018 Pyeongchang Village, ⑬ Heart Beat Festival, ⑭ Jamsugyo Bridge Vacation ⑮ Sounce Parade & Water War, ⑯ Global Food Festival and ⑰ Hangang Rickshaw Tour.

    At the opening ceremony which will be held at 8pm on July 21 at the Sebitseom area in Banpo Hangang Park, over 100 citizens will take part in large scale dance performances and orchestra performance by the blind. After the announcement of the opening of the event, a media art performance and fireworks under the theme of fire goblins will wrap up the opening ceremony.

    View details of the 2017 Hangang Summer Festivals:

    Opening of the Hangang Summer Festivals on July 21