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  • Opening of the “Era of Daily Culture,” for Every Seoul Citizen to Be an Artist

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    Seoul has announced the blueprint for “City of Daily Culture, Seoul” to provide support for Seoul citizens to become artists through various activities in their everyday life, rather than consumers of the arts. The plan calls for 90 units of daily culture infrastructure, called “daily culture support centers,” will be opened across Seoul by 2020.

    To support this plan, dedicated and specialized a “daily culture support team” will be newly organized within the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2017. The team will be in charge of the integrated management of existing personal infrastructure and daily culture information, and match and connect the infrastructures with suitable individuals and organizations by establishing an organic support network of 90 centers. In addition, the team will provide culture and art clubs with designs and plans for projects, as well as practice and presentation venues to allow them to continue the creations of creative works, rather than simply having meetings. It will also offer counseling services regarding various forms of art education to individuals.

    Seoul will establish the legal and institutional foundation for the plan this year, and will start to carry out nine tasks in three areas in 2017. The three areas are ① expanding the infrastructure of daily culture (PLACE) ② support for the growth as a major agent of culture (PEOPLE) ③ establishing a platform connecting cultural assets (PLATFORM).