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  • Opening of an Eco-friendly Culture Complex in June

  • Urban Planning News SMG 5490

    ‘Mapo Oil Depot,’ an industrial facility housing petroleum, will be transformed into a culture and arts space. Oil Tank Culture Park, composed in an area of 140,000㎡ in the Sangam-dong and Seongsan-dong area in Mapo-gu, will open to the public in June 2017.

    Mapo Oil Depot is a petroleum storage tank built by the government in 1973, which closed down in December 2000 with the construction of the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong. Since then, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has built a culture park in this space that is ten times larger than the Seoul Plaza where people can experience an eco-friendly ecosystem and culture.


    Out of five petroleum tanks with a diameter of 15 to 38m and a height of 15m, tank no. 1 will become a multipurpose pavilion made of glass and tank no. 2 will become a performance hall. Tank no. 4 will be transformed into a special exhibition hall while tank no. 5 will be turned into a permanent exhibition hall. Tank no. 3 will be retained as it is and the newly constructed tank no. 6 will be used as an information exchange center.

    The parking lot will be transformed into a culture yard, walking path and wild flower garden so that people can come rest and participate in various community activities as well.

    Oil Tank Culture Park is designed to maximize energy efficiency through utilization of geothermal energy for cooling and heating of buildings and waste water in the restrooms.

    Seoul city has installed a 30t heavy water processing facility on the basement of tank no. 6 to purify waste water and use it in restrooms. It will also install a rainwater recycling facility that can store up to 300t of rainwater to use the collected water in landscaping.