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  • Opening ceremony of new Seoul City Hall building held at Seoul Plaza on October 13 (Sat.)

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    After completing the construction of the new Seoul City Hall in four years and five months, Seoul City held the opening ceremony on October 13 (Sat.), 2012. Held under the vision of “Citizens are the Executors of Seoul City’s Administrative Affairs,” the ceremony was very meaningful in that it was the first day of meeting Seoul City’s real owners. Mayor of Seoul Park Won Soon, foreign diplomats from 49 countries, including the UK, and representatives of Seoul’s citizens attended the ceremony.

    The opening ceremony consisted of traditional Korean house-warming activities in which a large number of citizens participated, such as treading on the earth god, braiding colorful cloth strings on a pole, and connecting hope strings. The treading on the earth god activity was performed at Seoul Plaza and in the new Seoul City Hall by the Citizens’ Traditional Music and Dance Troupe. Some fifty members of artist Kim Deok-su’s samullori folk band played gongs and percussion instruments, creating a highly festive atmosphere.

    Furthermore, the Energy Guardian Angel Corps, organized by elementary school students in July, delivered a message of children’s hope, harmony, and energy saving by singing a song titled “Protect the Planet, and Have Hope Wings”. In addition, Seoul City invited the Clang Clang Choir, which won first prize at the Mapo Village Choir Contest for festive performances, to perform before the opening ceremony.

    Seoul City also offered citizens opportunities to tour the new Seoul City Hall on the day of the event under the “New City Hall Building Tong Tong Tour” program. In particular, thirty-four tour guides (20 Korean, 5 English, 4 Chinese, and 5 Japanese), who were selected from among the city’s cultural tour interpreters and are currently working for Seoul City, told interesting stories about the Seoul City Building.

    With this opening ceremony, the construction of the new Seoul City building has now come to an end. Seoul City collected funds for the construction of its new building in 1996, and went through many ups and downs during its reviewal of numerous cultural heritage, landscape, and building height control issues, before the new building was finally completed on 31-Aug after four years and five months. (Moving-in began on September 1.)