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  • Opening Ceremony of Community Building in Hongneung Biomed Cluster, Seoul

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    The first stage of the rough sketch of the “Hongneung Biomed Cluster” is now complete. The Hongneung Biomed Cluster will be the base of the biomedical industry, which is considered to be a major driving force for the next generation by the city of Seoul.

    Seoul announced that the construction of all three buildings of Seoul Biohub (117-3, Hoegi-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul), the control tower of the support for start-ups in the biomedical field, has been complete and they are ready to be operated in earnest for the fostering of the biomedical industry.

    Seoul Biohub is the core facility of Hongneung Biomed Cluster and a space of support for biomedical start-ups that are less than five years old, housing a total of 67 biomedical start-ups. Currently, tailored support programs for all stages of a company’s life cycle, such as R&D, consultation, investment attraction, and more, are being operated. Seoul Biohub is playing a pivotal role in fostering the ecosystem for biomedical start-ups in cooperation with related institutions, including universities, hospitals, laboratories, and local clusters.

    Following the opening of the Main Building (October 2017), which supports the development and commercialization of start-ups by providing educational and consultation services, and the Research Building (April 2019), which supports R&D, the Community Building for collaboration and communication will be opening on November 5, 2019 (Tues.).

    On November 5 (Tues.), Seoul will be holding the opening ceremony for the Community Building. More than 200 individuals, including Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul and individuals from related universities, hospitals, and research centers in Hongneung, global companies, and biomedical industry organizations, will attend the opening ceremony and the welcoming ceremony for the start-ups that are moving in Seoul Biohub.

    The opening ceremony will include ① business agreements with nine major hospitals and five major biomedical organizations in Seoul, ② the Seoul Innovation Quick Fire Challenge Award ceremony, and ③ the Global Innovation Forum.

    ※ Three Buildings of Seoul Biohub (biomedical start-up support facilities)
    ① Main Building (opened Oct. 2017): Offices, facilities to support educational & consultation programs
    ② Research Building (opened Apr. 2019): Laboratories for common use, facilities for R&D (including separate laboratories)
    ③ Community Building (opening Nov. 2019): Offices, facilities to support collaboration and communication (including a science library)

    For the second stage, Seoul has plans to construct the BT/IT Convergence Center by 2020, Global Cooperation Building by 2021, and Advanced Medical Device Development Center by 2024. This way, Hongneung, once the cradle of the economic growth in the 1960s, is expected to be reborn into the base for the biomedical industry.

    Mayor Park Won-soon said, “Seoul has maintained its focus on the biomedical industry, as one of the driving forces for our future generation, and constructed Hongneung Biomed Cluster as the base for active entrepreneurship and R&D of biomedical start-ups. As the first stage, we have completed the construction of all three buildings of Seoul Biohub. The comprehensive support, including education, R&D, collaboration, and communication, will now be available. As we advance into the second stage, we will renovate Hongneung from being the cradle of the economic growth of the 1960s into the base of the biomedical industry.”

    □ Schedule of the Opening Ceremony of the Community Building

    • Date & Time: November 5, 2019 (Tues.) / 09:45-10:55 a.m. (70’)
    • Venue: Grass Plaza and Community Building of Seoul Biohub
    • Participants: Over 200 individuals including Mayor of Seoul, members of the National Assembly, members of City Council, officials from related companies, and Hongneung institutions
      • – Universities and research centers in Hongneung, live-in start-ups, and global companies including J&J, Novartis, and MSD

    □ Photos

    Aerial View of Seoul Biohub

    Community Building