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  • Opening a Website for Reporting Tax Companies’ Unreasonable Payment Increase

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    Starting January 2014, taxi drivers can now anonymously report their companies’ violations on the new website. The reason Seoul Metropolitan Government is operating this reporting site is that many tax drivers did not report their companies’ violations because they had to file claims under their names.
    -No need to identify the petitioner
    -Convenient filing process
    -Can submit photos via cell phone
    companies’ violations because they had to file claims under their names.
    The city-operated website provides wage agreement guidelines and allows tax drivers to utilize the website conveniently anytime, anywhere without any interference from their employers.
    In other words, there is no membership or identification process; only the company name and address and brief description of the violation with or without a photo are required for filing. The title of the file is visible to the public, but not the content, in order to protect the petitioner.
    ※ Reporting website direct link:
    -9 non-compliant tax companies reported, inspected by joint inspection teams on the next business day
    Within 5 days of the launch of the reporting website, a total of 9 taxi companies were reported for increasing the payment amount far beyond the standardized amount set by the wage agreement guidelines.
    The city administration sends city and district joint inspectors to the reported companies for special on-site inspection on the next business day of the filing date, with the reported taxi companies inspected periodically to check if they are complying with the regulation that allows taxi drivers to keep all of their transport income after deducting the payment due their employers.