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  • Opening of 2018 Han River Drone Festival

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    Opening of 2018 Han River Drone Festival

    2018 Han River Drone Festival is set to be held on April 28, 2018 at Gwangnaru Hangang Drone Park, with the goal of expanding horizons for the drone industry regarded as the promising next-generation technology, as well as nurturing the growth of talents in the industry.

    In this festival, a variety of programs have been lined up including the ▲ Professional Drone Racing Competition, ▲ ‘I am a Drone Racer, too,’ designed for elementary and middle school students, ▲ ‘DIY Drones’ for elementary students, ▲ Drone Airshow, among others.

    • ○ In the < Professional Drone Racing Competition >, 32 top-ranking competitors from all over the country will vie for victory in 32 tournament-style preliminary and final rounds, all of which will be available for free viewing at the site at no additional cost.
    • ○ In < I am a Drone Racer, too >, the largest amateur drone racing competition in Korea, 300 middle school students will participate with toy drones. Any middle school student with a toy drone can participate in the program by registering on the festival’s website.
    • ○ Also, an experiential program of < DIY Drones > will be held targeting elementary students of grades 4-6, where they will build and control their own drones. In the order of those who finish assembling the drones, participants will be able to experience their own drone flying and practice operating drones through drone simulation while they wait for other participants to finish assembling. 300 spots are available on a first-come first-serve basis, and reservations can be made on the website.

    In addition, operation of drones to be taught by professional lecturers from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot training organizations, ‘Drone filming and VR operating experience’ using ‘drone smart glasses,’ ‘Drone classes’ to help with job searches in the drone industry, etc., will be offered as hands-on experience programs.

    Opening of 2018 Han River Drone Festival
    DIY Drones and Operating Experience Drone Racing Drone Filming Experience
    DIY Drones and Operating Experience Drone Racing Drone Filming Experience

    Event Information
    Time and Date: 09:00-18:30, on April 28, 2018
    Location: Model Flying Field (Hangang Drone Park) of Gwangnaru Hangang Park
    Public transportation: 20-min walk from Cheonho Station (subway lines 5 and 8)
    Registration for participation: Website of Han River Drone Festival, www.handrone.kr