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  • Opening of 2016 Ttukseom Sledding Slope

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    Seoul City will open and operate sledding slopes in the Ttukseom Hangang (River) Park during the period from December 17th, 2016 to February 19th, 2017 to help citizens enjoy the winter with their family close to home.

    The operating hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, seven days a week. Operating hours may be adjusted due to safety concerns during inclement weather. The facility operation will be stopped for snow cleanup for an hour from 12 o’clock every day.

    As it is difficult to make artificial snow this year because of winter temperatures, the large slope will be operated first, and supplemental artificial snow will be made when the temperature drops, depending on the weather conditions.

    Citizens can enjoy a variety of rides and experience facilities as well as the sledding slopes at affordable prices.

    Large Slope (for Adults) and Small Slope (for Children)

    Fee: KRW 6,000 for ages 3 and up for the sledding slope, KRW 3,000 for rides, and KRW 5,000 for other experience facilities
    Place: Ttukseom Park Station, Subway Line 7
    Contact: Ttukseom Hangang Park (☎82-2-453-3028)