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  • Opening of 2.6-km Bike Lane from Jongno 1-ga to 5-ga on April 8th

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    Opening of 2.6-km Bike Lane from Jongno 1-ga to 5-ga on April 8th

    Seoul City will open a 2.6-km bike lane from Jongno 1-ga to 5-ga on April 8, 2018. In addition to Jongno’s central bus lane which started operation at the end of 2017, this bike lane will be a green transportation space installed inside green transportation promotion areas of the 4 main gates. This lane will be connected to a section similar to that of the central bus lane (2.8 km) and will be used by bikes only.

    Seoul City will install flush-type solar LED lights so that both vehicles and bikes can run safely at night. Particularly, safety facilities such as median guardrail and gaze-induction rods will be installed around busy intersections to secure the safety of drivers and bicycle users.

    By opening a bike lane in Jongno, Seoul will allow bicycle users to move around the heart of the city. Moreover, this lane is expected to be used as bicycle roadway hub once the Cheonggyecheon Stream is connected with main arterial roads.

    In relation to this, Seoul City will hold an ‘Urban Riding Parade’ in which 3,000 bicycle riders will bike in a 6-km urban circulation section (Jongno → Heunginjimun Gate → Cheonggyecheon-ro → Jongno).

    After running through the ring road and coming back to Jongno, an event called ‘Jongno without cars’ will be held. In this event, a variety of programs will be held, including photo zones, public bicycles (also known as ‘Ttareungyi’ in Korean) experience, and cultural performances.