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  • Open Citizens’ Park Measuring 12,000 ㎡ Opens at War Memorial in Yongsan

  • Integrated News SMG 1792

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has completed a 12,000 square meter citizens’ park, which it has been developing in partnership with the War Memorial. The park, created by dismantling fences at entrance to the memorial in Yongsan, will open to the public after concluding the six-month project.

     Project site (after construction)

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has completed the project, which entailed the construction of amenities and green space by dismantling 260-meters of flowerbeds that encircled the front court at the War Memorial in Yongsan-dong 1(il)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

    As a result, the War Memorial, which was barricaded by a 1~1.2 meter-high flowerbed fence, has opened itself up to citizens, offering a citizens’ park where the historical memorial will exist in harmony with natural green space.

    Notably, Citizens’ Park at the War Memorial is also significant because it is the largest among the “projects to transform fences of public organizations into green areas,” which the city government has been implementing since 1999.

    The city government has so far dismantled fences at 95 agencies, including Kkumnamu Maeul (Dream Village) in Eunpyeong, and Dangin Flood Pumping Station, as well as the War Memorial, and has provided citizens with green space measuring a combined 53,400 square meters.

    Additionally, after the remodeling of the War Memorial site, various symbolic sculptures, including sculptures of the Korean War, the Stature of Brothers, and the Stone monument of King Gwanggaeto the Great, have become easily viewable from outside, enabling citizens to learn the meaning of the memorial naturally.

    War Memorial Open Citizens’ Park is expected to become a hub park that is interconnected with the centers of history and culture around the area, including the National Museum of Korea, Samsung Museum of Art Leeum, and Kim Koo Museum and Library, as well as the anticipated Yongsan Park.

    Citizens’ Park is also located near the Itaewon Special Tourism Zone, which is frequented by many foreigners. Hence, if more tourists are able to conveniently visit the War Memorial, they will gain a better understanding of the division between South and North Korea.

    Currently, the War Memorial showcases more than 9,000 exhibits concerning the war, while the outdoor garden displays military tanks, aircraft, and armored vehicles, which were used during the Korean War.