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  • Open Call for the 2021 Seoul Brand Partners Recruitment

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government — Announcement No. 2021-1391

    – Add Seoul’s symbols to your products! –
    Open Call for the 2021 Seoul Brand Partners Recruitment

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is launching its Seoul Brand Partners public-private partnership program in pursuit of a co-branding business between the city and companies to enhance Seoul’s brand and symbolic awareness. The SMG will provide support to companies that develop new products and services using Seoul’s symbols (e.g. Seoul’s city brand, Haechi, Hangang River) with everything from sales to marketing to help them generate profit.

    The SMG’s open call for Seoul Brand Partners recruitment is looking for participants who wish to partner up with the SMG and create new values through partnership. We look forward to participation from many capable and prospective companies.

    May 10, 2021
    Mayor of Seoul

    1) Open Call

    1. Overview

    • ○ Recruitment: From Mon, May 10 to 5 p.m., Fri, May 28, 2021
    • ○ Categories: Fashion, living, stationary, food, beauty, pet products, baby products
    • ○ Targets: Companies (20), university students, etc. ※ Non-Korean residents also applicable
    • ○ Participation: From June to December 2021
    • ○ Details: Co-branding of Seoul’s symbols (e.g. Seoul city’s brand, Haechi, Hangang River) from product and service development to marketing and sales

    2. Eligibility

    • ○ Applicant targets
      • – Companies wishing to partner up with their market-proven finished products
      • – Companies capable of partnering up with Seoul’s city brand using their products
      • – University students and others interested in designing Seoul’s city brand using its symbols
      • ※ Prioritized: Companies with secured manufacturer/distributor and public-private partnership experienced
      • ※ Prioritized: Social enterprises
    • ○ Excluded targets
      • – Companies wishing to develop prototype products
      • – Companies wishing to participate with simple ideas or non-viable plans
      • – Companies with sanctions that are limited to participate in government-funded business
      • – Companies that have failed or gave up before the governmental or public project have ended
      • – Companies that are banned from financial institutions by default
      • – Companies on which the SMG imposes restrictions for participation for other legitimate reasons

    3. Support

    • ○ Expert consulting and coaching
      • – Three brand workshops with experts in brand strategy, marketing, design, etc. to enhance partners’ brand competitiveness
      • – Additional one-on-one mentoring program for design improvements
      • ※ Consulting will be given online in case of restricted gatherings due to COVID-19
    • ○ Online/offline market support for partnership products
      • – Seoul Brand Partners pop-up store to be installed (location to be determined)
      • – Opportunities to engage in the events hosted by the SMG and promotion via the SMG’s distribution platform will be granted
      • – Opening the NAVER Smart Store and promoting through live commerce and other online market opportunities will be supported
      • – Launching products on exclusive Partners category of the SMG’s social enterprise online store “Together Nuri Mall” will be supported
      • ※ Distribution platforms and event participation support may vary depending on the host and organizers.
    • ○ Seoul Brand Partners product marketing
      • – Partnership project and products to be promoted on the SMG’s major media channels
      • – Seoul Brand Partners’ PR video to be made and distributed
    • ○ Support business matching and networking program through workshops between Partners
    • ○ Provide on-site opportunity for students
      • – Selected student candidates will be matched up with Partners companies to work in collaboration
      • – Or the SMG will support the production of collaboration products for Seoul Brand Partners

    4. Process

    Partners recruitment Evaluation and selection Partnership project
    Product development through advice and coaching
    Business networking between Partners through workshop
    Distribution and sales
    of products made in collaboration
    Taking part in sales and marketing platform
    From Mon, May 10 to Fri, May 28 Jun. 2021 From Jun. to Oct. 2021 From Nov. to Dec. 2021

    2) Application method

    1. Application method

    • ○ Schedule: From Mon, May 10 until 5 PM on Fri, May 28, 2021
    • ○ Submission
      • ① Visit the SMG’s website (City News) or Media Hub portal
      • ▶ Link: https://www.seoul.go.kr / https://mediahub.seoul.go.kr
      • ② Search “Open Call for Seoul Brand Partners Recruitment” and download the application form
      • ③ Attach required documents and submit via email (2021seoulpartners@naver.com)
    • Email subject: [Seoul Brand Partners Application_company name]

    2. Required documents

    Required documents
    Required documents Submission details Remarks
    Partnership application form Required (company) Attachment 2
    Company introduction Required (company) Attachment 3
    Company status report Required (company) Attachment 4
    Partnership application form (student) Required (student) Attachment 5
    Summary of partnership plan Required (all applicants) Attachment 6
    *Partnership plan (PDF or PPT form) Required (all applicants) Free form (required)
    Privacy policy consent form Required (all applicants) Attachment 7
    Business & corporation registration certificates Required (company)

    * Partnership plan should be submitted via PPT format and during the 2nd round evaluation, the PPT will be used for presentation

    3. Notice

    • ○ Note before application
      • – Submitted documents will not be returned
      • – Outputs, results and plans may be used for marketing content for the interest of public
      • – Submitted documents should have no legal issues, and any issues regarding violation of portrait right and copyright shall be the responsibility of the applicant
    • ○ Evaluation notice
      • – If any case of name theft, plagiarizing other’s work and existing case of the SMG, submitting overseas case are found, the applicant shall be excluded from evaluation and selection.
    • ○ Other
      • – Output may be modified or improved depending on production condition based on advisory meeting
      • – Any unspecified content may be determined by the agency in charge of the business, and any disadvantages caused by misunderstanding the project or criteria shall be the responsibility of the applicant

    3) Evaluation and selection

    1. Schedule

    • ○ Recruitment and application: From Mon, May 10 until 5 PM on Fri, May 28, 2021
    • ○ Document screening (1st round): From Mon, May 31 until Fri, Jun. 4, 2021
    • ○ Document screening result announcement: Fri, Jun. 4, 2021
    • ○ PT presentation (2nd round): From Mon, Jun. 7 until Fri, Jun. 11, 2021
      • Applicant company gives presentation (schedule to be announced later)
    • ○ Final selected applicant announcement: Mon, Jun. 14, 2021
      • The selected company may modify its plan if deemed to fall short of criteria
      • ※ Schedules may vary depending on circumstances

    2. Evaluation method

    • ○ Document screening (1st round) criteria scores
    Document screening (1st round) criteria scores
    Evaluation Score Criteria
    Total 100 Document screening (1st round)
    Viability 30 Feasibility to be realized into a product
    Partnership ability 40 Relations between the product and Seoul’s city brand
    Activeness 30 Viability of the plan
    • ○PT evaluation (2nd round) criteria scores
    PT evaluation (2nd round) criteria scores
    Evaluation Score Criteria
    Total 100 PT evaluation (2nd round)
    Expertise 40 Level of completion of the product in the plan
    Level of positive impact on Seoul’s symbols
    Activeness 30 Potential to expand the product and availability among citizens
    Determination 20 Sustainable engagement and willingness of the company
    Level of understanding 10 Level of understanding Seoul’s symbols


    • ○ Seoul Brand Partners Secretariat
      • Contact: 02-532-0924
      • Email: 2021seoulpartners@naver.com
      • ▶ Subject: [Inquiry] Seoul Brand Partners Recruitment

    [Attachment 1]

    Seoul Brand Partners Category

    Seoul Brand Partners Category
    Category (A) Category (B) Category (C) Remarks
    Products Fashion General goods
    Living Home decoration
    Kitchen utensil
    Stationary Notebook/memo
    Writing supplies
    Desk accessories
    Food Products with no hygienic problems
    Finished products
    Beauty Skincare products Products certified as harmless to humans
    Makeup products
    Body care products
    Pet products
    Baby products

    ※ Companies that wish to grow with Seoul’s city brand can also apply in “Other” category (Contact us for further information)

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