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  • Open Call for Seoul Brand Partners Recruitment 2021

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is launching an open call for Seoul Brand Partners recruitment for participants who wish to partner up with the SMG and collaborate utilizing Seoul’s city brand, including symbols such as Haechi, from May 10 to May 28, 2021. The open call is part of the SMG’s Seoul Brand Partners public-private partnership program, a co-branding project between the city and companies to enhance Seoul’s brand and symbolic awareness. The SMG is providing support to companies that develop new products and services using Seoul’s symbols (e.g. Seoul’s city brand, Haechi, Hangang River, N Seoul Tower) from sales to marketing to help them generate profit.

    Any prospective company with potential products for partnership with Seoul’s city brand can join Seoul Brand Partners, and selected companies will gain the four major benefits of business networking, expert consulting and coaching, sales support of partnership products, and marketing on the SMG’s social media platforms.

    Any private company as well as university student and non-Korean resident living in Korea interested in designing Seoul’s city brand using its symbols can participate. The SMG will offer selected companies advice and provide a training program by design and marketing experts as well as workshops and regular one-on-one mentoring to boost the competitiveness of their products. The SMG will coordinate selected students’ design plans with suitable partner companies for product application, and even provide assistance for them to produce the partnership products.

    In addition, the SMG plans to actively provide online/offline market support. Pop-up stores will be installed in places where the floating population is concentrated, and companies will receive commercial support from creating their own NAVER Smart Store to promoting via live commerce, which will lead to rise in sales.

    Last year, the SMG opened a pop-up store that sold around 100 varieties of partnership products (e.g. fashion, consumer goods, stationary, food) in partnership with 23 companies and 2 university student teams at Hongdae Festival Street.

    The partnership application form is available for download online, and prospective participants may submit their applications via email (2021seoulpartners@naver.com). Around 20 companies and 1 to 2 university student teams will be selected through document screening (1st round) and presentation (2nd round). The selection criteria is based on the comprehensive evaluation on expertise, feasibility and activeness.

    [Recruitment poster]

    Seoul Brand Partners Recruitment Poster

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