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  • Online Publication of 「2016 Seoul Statistical Yearbook」

  • SMG 3898

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government published the “2016 Seoul Statistical Yearbook” and announced it on the homepage of Seoul Statistics. The yearbook contains 344 items of statistics from 2015 in 20 areas including population, economy, housing, education and transportation.

    How was a day in Seoul in 2015? An average of 227 people were born each day and 118 people died. 176 couples got married and 50 couples divorced. 7.23 million people took the subway and 4.4 million people used the buses. 1.03 people died from traffic accidents each day.

    As of the end of 2015, the population of Seoul was 10,297,000, a decrease of 72,455 compared with the previous year, and the average age was 40.6, which was higher than 40.2 in the previous year. The number of registered foreigners in Seoul was 275,000, an increase of 8,597 from the previous year, accounting for 2.7% of the city’s total population.

    The number of elderly people aged 65 or older was 1,268,000, an increase of 45,947 from the previous year (2014), and the number of welfare facilities for the elderly was 4,827, which was an increase of 120 from 4,707 in the previous year.

    According to the statistics on transport share of Seoul citizens as of the end of 2014, subways and railways made up 39.0%, buses 27.0%, passenger cars 22.8% and taxis 6.8%. Of the subway lines, citizens used line 2 the most.

    ‘A day in Seoul’ is introduced on a page of the yearbook in order to make it easier to understand the statistics of Seoul in 2015, and statistics on 19 areas including population, labor, electricity, water supply service and consumer prices are shown in an easy and simple way using graphs.

    Visit a Day in Seoul in 2015: http://english.seoul.go.kr/get-to-know-us/statistics-of-seoul/a-day-in-seoul/

    Visit 2015-2016 Statistical Yearbook of Seoul (KOR): http://stat.seoul.go.kr/jsp3/stat.book.jsp?link=6&cot=009