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  • Online & Offline “Pedestrian Safety First” Campaign by Districts, Police, and Civilians

  • Traffic News SMG 696

    At a time when news of traffic accidents has become common after the advent of personal mobility (PM), the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding the Pedestrian Safety First campaign to safely protect pedestrians from “sidewalk trespassers.”

    The SMG requested the cooperation of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as well as all police stations in Seoul for the campaign against illegal driving on the sidewalk and large-scale publicity for public awareness.

    A street campaign was also promoted in cooperation with the Seoul branch of Korea Transportation Safety Authority along with Jung-gu and Jongno-gu Offices, and the campaign is scheduled to be held on the 27th on Deoksugung-gil to Cheonggye Plaza. In addition, banners will be put up along sidewalks, publicity videos played on public transportation, and an in-game AR event held on the Syrup app, to help citizens experience the pedestrian priority.

    Districts are taking part in the “Pedestrian Safety First” campaign actively both online and offline.

    Businesses that concluded MOUs with the SMG and other related groups are actively promoting the campaign both online and offline for service users. The campaign will take place from Tue, Nov. 10 to Thu, Dec. 10, 2020 when the amended Road Traffic Act is applied. The SMG will continue to implement policies for the safety of pedestrians even after the campaign is over.