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  • Online Exhibition “Seoul LIGHT” Delivers Cheerful Messages of Comfort

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    “Seoul Light,” with participation of world-class media artists, attracted over 1 million citizens at the end of 2019, becoming the number 1 media façade festival in Seoul. With the intention to revitalize the Dongdaemun commercial area and develop the design industry, the SMG and Seoul Design Foundation are hosting the 2020 Seoul Light Autumn Event “DDP LIGHT ON.” The event will display comforting and cheerful messages through media façade works online for citizens exhausted from COVID-19, from October 30, 2020 to November 12, 2020.

    This year’s exhibition will feature works created through the participation of citizens. A video clip of six hundred blue-colored photographs submitted by citizens as well as an interactive piece that visualizes the faces of citizens which change depending on the viewers’ feelings will be projected on the façade of DDP. Seoul Design Foundation, the hosting organization, will upload pre-shot media façade works through the DDP official website and other video-sharing platforms to practice social distancing and stay in line with the “non-contact” era. The works that will be displayed this fall will deliver hope and a sense of comfort to citizens who are tired of the prolonged pandemic as well as a message of support to the heroes who have been fighting with all their might to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

    Appreciation (The Blue Light Inside Me)

    “The Blue Light Inside Me” is a piece made by compiling the 600 photographs submitted by citizens. It contains a message of gratitude and support for the heroes on the frontlines in the fight against the pandemic by making both big and small sacrifices.

    Hope (FACE OF CITY)

    Artist Lee Jae-hyung’s “Face of City” is a collaboration piece created with the citizens to share hopes of overcoming the COVID-19 crisis together with the public. This is an interactive media façade, which makes the face smile when it detects enough positive comments after analyzing the citizens’ online posts in real time. The facial expression projected on the DDP façade is created with big data text pieces learned by artificial intelligence. Reading the messages of hope from citizens one by one is additional entertainment provided by this piece.

    Healing (Jardins d’Été)

    Quayola’s “Jardins d’Été” is an homage to the works of renowned French painter Claude Monet. The piece is a recreation of nature with conditions similar to the images observed by Monet with the eyes of a machine, utilizing an ultra-high-definition camera and specially designed computer software. It delivers the time to rest and the message of comfort provided by nature to overcome the hardships we are going through.