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  • Online Exhibition of Seoul’s Landscapes of the Last 25 Years

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will be holding an online exhibition under the theme of “archiving Seoul’s changing landscapes” facing the contactless digital age.

    The SMG has conducted its landscape archiving project once every five years since 1995 in order not to miss any of the small changes in the city and to document its changing appearances for 25 years. Beginning with the first project in 1995, the project has been implemented six times as of the sixth project in 2020. Through the project, 30,000 photos have been produced and archived, including those of more than 80 major scenic spots in Seoul, themed spaces, and lives of citizens.

    Before, a one-shot exhibition used to be held to display over 30,000 accumulated photos produced by the landscape archiving projects over the last 25 years. The SMG prepared an online exhibition to overcome the limitation of the offline one in sharing the photos with citizens.

    This exhibition will comprise an exhibition on “landscape archiving,” which shows the historical flow at major destinations in Seoul, as well as “landscape archives,” which records the landscapes of Seoul over the last 25 years, and “landscape story” about contests and advertisement of Seoul’s landscapes.

    For more information about the exhibition, please visit the official website (https://urban.seoul.go.kr/cityscape).

    Online Exhibition of Seoul’s Landscapes of the Last 25 Years
    Sixth Landscape Archiving Project of Seoul
    SEOUL 2019/2020 unban form and landscape

    Sixth Landscape Archiving Project of Seoul

    Online Exhibition Images
    서울 도시 경관 아카이브

    Online Exhibition Images

    Online Exhibition Images