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  • Online Disaster Experience Program by Mok-dong Disaster Experience Center in Seoul

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    Mok-dong Disaster Experience Center, which opened in August 2020 and offers visitor experience programs, now additionally provides a new online disaster and safety experience program in light of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

    This online program is intended for participants to experience and learn essential action to prepare for disasters.

    Participants must complete missions for three types of disasters.

    During the session, participants can also use handkerchiefs, cushions and bags that they’ve prepared in advance.

    The program lasts for 60 minutes, and anyone can apply to take part in the program regardless of region since it is held online.

    Mok-dong Disaster Experience Center plans to flexibly operate both its visitor experience and online programs due to their increasing popularity.

    Visitor experience programs are being operated only partially in accordance with the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines for disease control and prevention. Since March, only one family is allowed to visit and participate at a time with limited facility access based on a reservation system.

    Those who are interested in participating can apply on the Mok-dong Disaster Experience Center website (http://www.mokdongdstc.com).

    □ Online Program

    Online Program

    □ Visitor Program

    Visitor Program