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  • One Year of Noise Reduction, Seoul Goes Quiet

  • Integrated News SMG 2257

    Seoul, the home of ten million citizens, has seen a dramatic rise in the number of noise-related complaints and traffic volume, despite the rise in living standards. In order to reduce the number of noise-related complaints, Seoul has carried out a project to ‘make Seoul a quieter place’ over the last year. The city announced that all noise levels between 0.2dB~1.6dB have been improved in regular regions and roadside regions, and that the number of noise-related complaints has fallen by 2,055 cases in just one year.

    The city was able to achieve this improvement by implementing various solutions, including the provision of a minimum standard for noise-cancellation material for pre-reported constructions, the compulsory utilization of low-noise construction machinery, the strengthened measurement of noise on construction sites, and so on. The city and the self-governing boroughs also assessed the noise-generation status of each borough, analyzed variation factors, created a 『noise complaint processing panel』 and 『resident monitoring groups』 for residents of the city, and self-governing boroughs to participate, monitor, and process.

    The city will gradually convert from traditional 『human-dependent noise management』 to 『scientific noise management』 using specialized equipment and machines, and will establish mobile noise measuring vehicles and a real-time construction site noise monitoring system in 2012, with the aim of reducing the burden on self-governing boroughs while decreasing the number of noise-related complaints, in an effort to create a calmer, more relaxing living environment for Seoul’s citizens.