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  • One Hundred Seoul Tourism Souvenirs

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    Certification Mark


    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the 2nd Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest over a period of 100 days, from March 17 to June 24, to develop practical and high quality souvenirs that are symbolic of Seoul. A total of 275 souvenirs from 156 companies were submitted, and the submissions were evaluated in three stages: first by experts, second by a vote of citizens and tourists, and finally by experts again. A total of 100 Seoul souvenirs with excellent design and high commercial value were selected.

    One hundred souvenirs selected through the contest, including traditional Korean tea set and Seoul Story folding screen


    The Grand Prize went to the “Country of Morning Calm Traditional Tea Set,” which features a design that shows the story of the palaces in Seoul. Also at the top were the Seoul Story Folding Screen, which contains a beautifully designed image of Seoul inlaid with mother-of-pearl, a traditional Korean ornamental hairpin with traditional Korean patterns and an image of the DDP, a porcelain plate in the shape of Haechi, and the Seoul Lacquer Plate.

    Certification marks of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Design Tag will be printed on the souvenirs, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will purchase the award winning souvenirs and use them to promote Seoul.


    Furthermore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will actively implement various policies to expand the sales of the souvenirs, which will be marketed both in Korea and abroad through official channels, such as the Official Seoul City Tourism Website (http://www.visitseoul.net). It will also produce handbooks and distribute them to the public relations departments of government organizations and private companies.