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  • ON CONNECT SEOUL X ULAANBAATAR Connecting the two sister cities of 25 years just 2,000 km apart through culture

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    Only 2000km Close distance to connect the hearts of Seoul & Ulaanbaatar Sister Cities 25th Anniversary Cultural Exchange Day ON Connect seoul X Ulaanbaatar 2020.11.30.(Mon) 14:00~16:30 Seoul ON Studio / Mongolia UBS Studio, LANSeon Performance: Jeong Lee-han (The Nuts), Talk Show: Yang Sang-guk, Cooking Show: Kim Soo-mi

    Seoul and Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, are holding the meaningful event “ON CONNECT SEOUL X ULAANBAATAR” at 2 PM (GMT+9)/1 PM (GMT+8) on Mon, Nov. 30, 2020 for cultural exchange in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of their becoming sister cities. The event will be filmed with the least required amount of personnel in Seoul and Ulaanbaatar, and live streamed via Seoul’s official YouTube channel to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This event is particularly special as it is an attempt at a two-way communication and a new type of cultural exchange via ontact (“online contact”).

    This event is expected to draw a lot of attention, as celebrities and influencers from Korea and Mongolia will promote their respective capitals in a virtual concert, talk show, and a live cooking show by the Korean actress Soo-mi Kim. Mongolia’s fusion dance team UB DRUMS ASPAC will perform a traditional percussion dance at the opening ceremony, followed by congratulatory remarks by Chairperson In-ho Kim of the Seoul Metropolitan Council and Chairperson Hyun-chan Lee of the Council’s Administration & Autonomy Committee.

    The first session will commence with the performance by Go Suk Jin Percussion, a master of percussion who combines electronic dance music with the Korean traditional music of gugak. It will introduce the attractions and night sceneries of Seoul, with the concept of a king secretly passing by the Saetgangdari Bridge in Yeouido, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Gyeongbokgung Palace, and more. Later, famous celebrities and influencers of Korea and Mongolia will hold a talk show on the urban culture and trends of their cities. Five performers from each city will talk about their city’s culture and characteristics.
    ○ Korean performers: Sang-guk Yang (comedian), Seung-hye Kim (comedian) Yi-han Jeong of The Nuts (singer), Mongol&Esu (YouTuber), Yegyul (gugak performer)
    ○ Mongolian performers: UKA (singer), NAKI (singer), GANTOGOO (singer), ZIZI, ZOLOO (singer/influencer), JOHN KO (singer/influencer)

    The second session will begin with Mongolia’s artist GANTOGOO’s online performance, followed by a food concert. Korean celebrity Soo-mi Kim, who is actively performing in a Korean cooking television show will boast her cooking skills with Mongolia’s renowned chef MIKO. Soo-mi Kim is expecting her cooking style make a hit in Mongolia. This entertaining cooking show that will display the food culture of the two cities via live stream will take place in a cooking studio in Seoul’s “Seoul ON” studio as well as a studio in Ulaanbaatar.

    As the last performance, a video of the Korean musician Yi-han Jeong (The Nuts) singing in the beautiful natural spaces of Seoul, such as Seoul Forest, Olympic Park and Hangang Park, will be played to cheer the people of the world going through hard times during this time of COVID-19. Finally, an interview video that conveys the hopes and wishes of the people of the two cities will be the last program of the event.

    This event will available via live stream on Seoul’s official YouTube channel for anyone to watch.
    ○ Seoul’s official YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/seoullive (Korean); www.youtube.com/seoulcityofficial (English)