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  • Oh Se-hoon Awards Appreciation Plaques to Producers of Thai Films

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    Seoul Mayor, Oh Se-hoon, presented appreciation plaques to five Thai people, including the director, actor and actress, and the production company chief, who produced the Thai movie, “Hello Stranger,” which helped Seoul attract tourists from Thailand. The award ceremony took place in the Senior Staff’s Conference Room on the 7th floor of Seoul City Hall Annex at 2 pm on August 16.

    Mayor Oh said he awarded the plaques to them for their major contributions towards boosting Seoul’s tourism industry, as “Hello Stranger” helped Seoul promote its beauty to the Southeast Asian region, thus raising the number of Thai tourists visiting the city to 240,000, which was up 40% from last year.

    “Hello Stranger,” is a romantic comedy, in which a Thai man and woman accidently meet each other in Seoul during their visit to Korea and fall in love. In the wake of the movie’s phenomenal success, a “Seoul Tour” product was developed to allow tourists to visit Deoksugung Palace, Namsan, and Myeong-dong, the background sites of the films. More than 3,000 Thai tourists visited Seoul through this project alone last year.

    Also in attendance at the award ceremony were more than 20 Thai media people, including 13 from the filming teams of Thai national TV’s three programs, “Sisterday,” “Wake Club,” and “Movie trip,” who were all visiting Korea to film special shows, and seven reporters from seven media organizations, including the “Bangkok Post Newspaper.” They introduced the awarding of appreciation plaques to these five Thai people.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is proactively providing support for filming in Seoul. This includes granting permission for filming in public places for movies and TV dramas that are filmed in the city, and assistance with filming at locations, including the free rental of equipment and materials, road closure, and airborne filming using firefighting helicopters.