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  • Official Website for Seoul Solution Launched

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    The official website for Seoul Solution (www.seoulsolution.kr), a policy archive of Seoul Metropolitan Government, was launched in July 2014 (Korean/English, mobile). The site is a comprehensive collection of Seoul’s expertise and policy resources regarding urban policy.

    A website with information on Seoul’s model urban policies that can be accessed globally, serving as a hub for information exchange on urban policy

    In response to the increasing number of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s model urban policies that are exported and applied overseas, Seoul Solution has been established as a comprehensive, multipurpose website that provides valuable expertise and policy information on city planning and operation in a systematic manner. It also offers feedback to cities all over the world that wish to share in the exchange of such knowledge. The website is divided into four major areas (Korean website) : Model Seoul Policies, Policy Sharing Activities, Data on Overseas Cities, and Private-Public Cooperation.

    In response to requests from cities in developing countries to share its experiences and policy expertise on the variety of problems that arise throughout the process of urbanization, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been sharing its policy-related experiences with various countries through policy consultations and by establishing systems/infrastructure in cooperation with private corporations and organizations related to international development.

    The Seoul Policy Office provides an overview of Seoul’s 50-year development history and city management expertise

    The website’s Model Seoul Policies section includes the “Seoul Policy Office,” which has systematically organized the various policies pursued by the city of Seoul throughout its 50-year process of urbanization. The information can be easily accessed, searched, and utilized by any overseas city government and/or private company.

    For the convenience of those interested in Seoul’s urban policies, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has included over 100 policy introduction manuals on the website, covering eight major policy areas and sharing information on both policy and Seoul’s experiences. Each manual has been designed for practical use by those in charge of carrying out urban policies overseas, and is divided into several sections: background/cause for introducing the policy, process and expertise required for policy implementation, and difficulties and possible solutions. Also, to promote understanding, over 300 types of policy-related content that had previously been scattered across various organizations have been accumulated and presented together with the policy manuals.

    Opens window for online private-public cooperation with related organizations and companies that have expanded overseas

    The Data on Overseas Cities section provides a variety of information on foreign cities for the benefit of companies that wish to expand their business activities overseas, including the status of city-level exchanges with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and current affairs/issues in various cities. The city of Seoul is also planning to invite overseas purchasing organizations and buyers from cities to which Korean companies hope to expand to training sessions on Seoul’s model policies, as well as provide administrative services, such as support for field trips to Seoul so that employees from overseas cities can see how policies are put into action.

    In addition, companies will find the “Business Proposal Corner” in the Private-Public Cooperation section helpful. The Business Proposal Corner allows anyone interested in expanding overseas through private-public cooperation to freely propose business ideas on the website. A spokesperson for the Seoul Metropolitan Government stated that if the city can combine its city management expertise and administrative capabilities with professional technology, significant synergy may be created when Seoul’s model policies are applied in cities in other countries all over the world.