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  • Official August Opening of Downtown Waterpark at Jungnang Camp Ground

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    For those of you still planning those last additions to your summer vacation during this unrelenting summer heat wave, how about spending a cool and refreshingly unique retreat at the newly opened Jungnang Camp Ground?

    [Jungnang Camp Ground Waterpark opening]

    The waterpark, located on the lawn area of the Jungnang Camp Ground, will be open to the public starting Wednesday, August 8. The pre-existing kids’ playground was newly refurbished and equipped with various waterpark facilities, including a slide, jungle gym, undersea tunnel, and ground fountain.

    The newly-opened waterpark was created with the purpose of providing a place of retreat within the city, offering enjoyment and sites to see for city residents. In particular, the area was built to ensure safe usage with the thorough management of safety and water quality to maintain the standards of other waterpark facilities children usually frequent.

    The Jungnang Camp Ground Waterpark will operate from 11 am to 5 pm (closed on Mondays) with 20 minutes break in operation every 40 minutes. Available on a first-come, first-served basis with no age limits (children under seven years of age must be accompanied with a guardian), operation hours will be implemented upon a flexible schedule depending upon the number of people using the facilities and the current weather conditions.

    [Jungnang Camp Ground Waterpark opening]
    Waterpark Ground Fountain
    Waterpark Ground Fountain

    [『2018 Jungnang Camp Ground Starry Night Family Cinema』 opening]

    The 2018 Jungnang Camp Ground Starry Night Family Cinema is scheduled to open at the Jungnang Camp Ground’s grass plaza for three days from Thursday, August 9, to Saturday, August 11, the day after the opening of the Jungnang Camp Ground Waterpark. The camp ground’s lawn area will be transformed into a movie theater, the waterpark into an outdoor kids’ café, and the Jungnang Forest into a hands-on ecology zone. The entire park will turn into a multiplex facility within nature, complete with a movie theater and play areas.

    The waterpark will assign safety personnel and equip lighting to ensure visiting children are able to play late into the day, from 5 pm to 10 pm, especially during the event period. In addition, programs including a variety of hands-on booths, from 5 pm to 10 pm, and nighttime insect explorations, from 7 pm to 9 pm, are scheduled to be held upon the start of the summer vacation so children can enjoy their free time, running and playing at the park to their heart’s content.

    Film screenings of The BFG on August 9 Beauty and the Beast on August 10 and Moana on August 11 are in the works, while residents are free to prepare their own lawn mats and snacks to enjoy a movie under the stars of a romantic summer night. Drinks and two snack food trucks will also be available, followed by events promoting eco-friendliness, involving a communal trash clean-up around the park.

    All park visitors can freely participate in these events! For further details, please visit the Seoul Natural Attractions and Parks website (http://parks.seoul.go.kr), or call the Jungbu Parks & Landscape Management Office’s Parks & Leisure Department (☎3783-5993).

    『2018 Jungnang Camp Ground Starry Night Family Cinema』 opening
    Movie Screening Outdoor Kids’ Café Nighttime Bug Exploration
    Movie Screening Outdoor Kids’ Café Nighttime Bug Exploration