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  • Number of Households and Businesses Participating in Eco-Mileage Exceeds 1 Million

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    The Seoul Eco-Mileage System implements a mileage accumulation system wherein households and commercial buildings get a refund equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas reduced through their energy-saving efforts in power, tap water, urban gas, and local heating. So far, the number of those who signed up for the system has exceeded 1 million since the adoption of the system in September 2009.

    During the period September 2009 ~ April 2013, Eco-Mileage members saved a total of 160,000 TOE in power and urban gas; this is equivalent to the one-year operation of 200,000 cars.

    The energy thus saved translates into a 500,000-ton reduction of greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to planting 75 million 30-year-old pine trees.

    According to Seoul Metropolitan Government, the number of members of the Eco-Mileage campaign, which is part of the energy-saving campaign dubbed “Let’s Reduce the Number of Nuclear Power Plants,” has increased rapidly this year. More than 300,000 households and commercial buildings have joined the campaign as of the end of July this year; thus bringing the total number of members to more than a million.

    In June 2013, Seoul Metropolitan Government received the UN Public Service Awards (UNPSA), CATEGORY 3 – Fostering participation in public policy decision making through innovative mechanisms in connection with Eco-mileage, a program engaging citizens in GHG reduction.
    For the past 42 months, Seoul Metropolitan Government refunded a total of more than 5 billion won to 93,000 households (i.e., 14% of 6.69 million estimable households) on 14 occasions in return for their having saved more than 10% in a period of six months. The City also paid 2.3 billion won for 328 schools, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings for the improvement of their energy facility to reward their energy-saving efforts.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold an event on August 22, Energy Day, in celebration of the milestone of exceeding the 1 million mark in the number of Eco-Mileage members and encourage all residents of Seoul to take part in the energy-saving campaign.