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  • Number of Green Buildings in Seoul Increased 16-Fold for 10 Years

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    The number of “Green buildings” realizing a fresh, healthy residential environment through efficient energy use and creation of eco-friendly environment is increasing in Seoul.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government saw the number of buildings that acquired green building certification (“green buildings”) increase sharply over the past 10 years. The number of buildings that acquired certification increased from only 1 in 2004 to 53 cases on the average per year over the past three years.

    Moreover, out of 10,452,000 ㎡new buildings (authorized for occupancy, total floor space) over the past three years (2010 ~ 2012), 35 percent (based on total floor space) or 3,645,000㎡ acquired certification as green buildings, with eco-friendly buildings robustly spreading in the city.

    The green building certification system has been implemented since 2002. Buildings are classified into four grades from the top (Green Grade 1) to the ordinary (Green Grade 4) through general evaluation in seven categories including land use, transportation, energy, environmental pollution, and indoor environment of buildings.

    According to Seoul Metropolitan Government, buildings consume 56 percent (as of 2011) of energy, and 83 percent of electricity that is consumed in Seoul. Thus, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, rather than short-term energy-saving campaigns, is a fundamental solution to the power supply crisis in recent months, and it is important to construct green buildings designed to save energy, it said. “We urge more building owners to participate in the certification of green buildings, which are entitled to tax benefits and financial assistance for certification costs,” it added.